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    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    I’m been saying that since we joined the big 10, except for Ohio st Michigan and Penn st all the other schools care more about winning their trophy games instead of looking at the bigger picture as in the rose Bowl or even the playoffs this conference is stuck in the 1950’s
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    Moos input on scheduling

    Barry is still but hurt that he wasn’t offered the Nebraska job awhile ago
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    Moos input on scheduling

    There’s no way he’s a Nebraska fan
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    Have there been any confirmed cases of virus at NU?

    i think the football team should have a covid party get infected now so no one gets it during the season
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    I don’t buy this notion that this country was ever united except maybe world war 2. There has always been a division it just one sect of people except defeat and wait till the next election and the other sect are spoiled brats that has a meltdown and riots
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    Competitive balance schedule

    You know ever since the rumors were flying around that eichort consulted Barry on who to hire after he fired bozo and Barry supposedly suggested smiling mike. If that’s true which my sources tell me it was then screw him have no use for Barry even if he’s a Nebraska alum
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    at his age who didn’t whip shitters
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    Dugout Kevin

    It still am me that the big 10 officials sat on their asses from March to august with No plan zero nothing. So the easy way was to cancel the season, they didn’t do anything until the parents and players started lawsuit. its not just Kevin Warren it the whole administration that are blundering...
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    Competitive balance schedule

    commissioner Alvarez will give Nebraska no breaks what so ever and with the stiff restrictions doubt if any team plays the full schedule
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    Just an Idea

    Why is it up to the big 10 to allow fans to attend? so if they say no fans why aren’t they dictating that stadiums can only have 50,000 fans in all stadiums once covid dies?
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    Scott Frost press conference - interview

    red alert red alert warning warning don’t feed the troll
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    Get ready for Nebraska getting the toughest schedule by far

    He’d manage to schedule Clemson for us
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    COVID Strategy

    What was you mom doing at the neighbors drinking out of his cup?
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    Get ready for Nebraska getting the toughest schedule by far

    You remember the mash episode when they built the officers club but had a exemption for family member? Im thinking wandale has a large family 😉
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    Get ready for Nebraska getting the toughest schedule by far

    I thought they said family member?
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    Get ready for Nebraska getting the toughest schedule by far

    He forgot the 1972 Miami dolphins 1927 Yankees
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    DYLAN McCaffrey in transfer portal.

    Don’t give me heart failure
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    Moos Should Allow Fans

    My question is are these universities worried about a law suit or they looking for another way to control people?
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    B1G Football is BACK!

    Hey I like you thinking
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    B1G Football is BACK!

    or mike Rileys grandson