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    Fine Baum is an idiot

    Finebaum is a frontrunner. Huskers have to win before he giving them any credit....
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    Frost RIGHT...Big 10 WRONG, Frost RIGHT...Desmond Howard WRONG

    For what it is worth Desmond said on sportscenter that he thinks Nebraska will be the surprise team in Big Ten this year. He changed his mind on how hard they kept fighting to play.
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    A tribute to our fans

    South Fl Husker you must be really happy getting some of the local talent headed to Lincoln.
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    A tribute to our fans

    Bingo we have a winner.
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    Big Ten Bowl Games

    I will if they are playing against the SEC. Indiana needs to beat the Vols bad lol.
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    Biggest sleeper in class?

    Hopefully Smothers probably Hutmacher
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    5-7 Chance for bowl game?

    No chance win or bust on Black Friday. #beatiowa
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    Redshirt tracker...

    Thanks bleed
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    Redshirt tracker...

    Oldjar Tennessee is starting both their true freshman tackles. They are taking their lumps this year but I predict next year will be a different story. Benhart needs to be playing.....
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    Redshirt tracker...

    Does anybody have a current version of this?
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    #21.....all bark,no bite.

    OP is a troll clear as day.
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    I really hope next year is better

    This sounds like my friends that are Alabama fans. #fairweather
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    Colorado-Air Force

    Bottom line I would rather be a Husker fan on their worst day (2017 Iowa) than be a Buff fan ever. #stilllittlebrother
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    Frost is coaching scared

    His play calling sucks because the offensive line is not holding up at the point of attack.
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    Any word on Jaimes?

    Didnt look good hopefully I am wrong.
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    Kaden johnson

    Wrong board smh.....
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    Wow, just wow, what a tool...

    He is a little bitch but we have bigger fish to fry.
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    Alex Conn ready to commit?

    A lot of panic in this thread smh. #frosteffect
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    Wow, just wow, what a tool...

    Opinions are like aholes everybody has one.
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    tOSU football writer on NU

    I will give you a golf example on this. Playing against Riley's Huskers was like playing from the ladies tees while going up against Frost's Huskers will eventually be like playing from the tips. You can do well from either but which one do you have a better chance from/against.