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  1. Shermski77

    Will Compton on PMT

  2. Shermski77

    Mills this year

    This can still be a thing, just sayin..
  3. Shermski77

    Spielman Oregon State Helmet

    Did anyone think he was actually coming back?
  4. Shermski77

    Coach Frost Tweet

    Because they seem tacky, and a waste of time when the program is performing at a low level?
  5. Shermski77

    Coach Frost Tweet

    Because were sick of dogshit?
  6. Shermski77

    Coach Frost Tweet

    Not even going to watch, several of my friends have said it's cringey.
  7. Shermski77

    Business related question

    Circuit Breaker triggered was nuts
  8. Shermski77

    So far no Fickell for MSU...

    Can say the exact thing about us....
  9. Shermski77

    OT, Lebron going to make Kobe's legacy his responsibility.....

    KD is a high jack at best
  10. Shermski77

    Dome on Memorial stadium?

    Would it would make memorial stadium a much more useful stadium in the colder months? All year round?
  11. Shermski77

    Dome on Memorial stadium?

  12. Shermski77

    Real QB Competition????

    Do we hear boo birds if AM's name is announced right before out first possession in 2020? I feel like the staff wants to get the QB situation somewhat settled this Spring, and before Summer 7 on 7s.
  13. Shermski77

    “We’re f*ckin Nebraska”

    Calm down
  14. Shermski77

    Next year’s schedule ??

    Watch us randomly have a better record next year with a tougher schedule because football.
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    God damnit
  16. Shermski77


    19 yards woof
  17. Shermski77

    OT: Has anybody eaten at Gorat's in Omaha lately?

    The mostaccioli at Piccolos was a critical part of my childhood.