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    Where are all you Tim Miles haters tonight?

    We are biding our time until next year when the team should get back to its usual ways.:D
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    Tyronn Lue's House for Sale on the Shore of Lake Erie

    Not strange to me. When I lived in an oceanfront home in Santa Barbara, the same deal existed with side yards. And my current home on a golf course is also very close to side neighbors. It’s a trade off for a costly “back yard.” Fences, walls, trees and hedges take care of most of the problem...
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    Liberty hires Hugh Freeze

    Jerry Falwell threads are so uplifting. Is he still dead?
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    NU Hoops @ Minnesota: Tip-off at 8:00

    Fire MilesLaughing
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    Absolutely, it's time...

    Hate to see more big bucks poured into Memorial Stadium but I realize the cost of a new stadium may never be in the budget. As for always having the best facilities, we certainly have been praised for being at the forefront yet Memorial Stadium is hardly the best. I realize lot’s of fans like...
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    Darrion Daniels - Grad Transfer

    Some irony here. When we recruited Darrion’s little brother, there was lots of speculation he would follow his big brother to Okie Lite. Surely having big brother around will elevate Damion’s play, too. A big win win for us.
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    Urb donezo

    Certainly OU looks OK with Lincoln Riley, but you’d be hard pressed to name more than a couple times that a guy of this status has retired and it didn’t matter. His lifetime winnng percentage is even slightly better than TO’s. Things might get better for them? Not likely, at least not long term.
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    TV alert Garden City 7PM Central

    Just watched it tape delayed. I didn’t see what you saw. Not even close to Ozigbo’s power but admittedly no holes to run through. What a crap offense.
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    Co-Champion banner for Michigan?

    Yeah, I remember. I thought it was a dumb decision even before Gill’s pass fell incomplete and 35 years haven’t changed my mind. Of course, I’m sure about 99.9% of the alleged greatest fans in the world agreed with TO’s decision — even if that one decision jump started all of “The U” crap of the...
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    Ranking the B1G at end of reg season

    Frost really is a miracle worker. Who would have thought 4-8 wouldn’t be 4-8, but rather more like 7-5?
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    East vs. West

    It wasn’t a fact that we thought East vs West won-loss record was lopsided. It is a fact the East has two teams with less than three losses though. They also have teams like Rutgers to drag their record down. Thanks.
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    East vs. West

    In 25 years TO never lost more than three games in a season. This year, no team in the West has less than four losses and our champ lost to Duke and Akron. Nice try on the old lipstick on a pig theme, but the West is trash. OSU and Michigan are still their old selves. We are Kansas.
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    Ferentz locks up $500k bonus for that elite 8th win

    Well considering that 4 seems to be our new standard, 8 wins sounds pretty good.
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    We can only play defense when the windchill is below zero.
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    In my many decades of watching Husker football

    Our standards slip further every year. We are going to be 5-7 at best. That’s nothing to celebrate. We do have a brilliant young QB, the team has improved, and next year’s schedule looks much easier. But the ink isn’t even dry on a 4-8 or 5-7 season and people here are happy? Remember a few...
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    I attended almost every ASU home game the year Isaac Burton and Stevin Smith, their star, were shaving points. I had no idea anything was fishy in the affected 4 or 5 games. Ironically, it was one of ASU’s best teams ever.
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    Typical Miles product

    Once again the offense looks like what you’d see in a pick up game at the YMCA.
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    Don't get all the Io_a hate...

    I don’t agree with all of the Iowa hate either. It diverts focus from much more obnoxious opponents like Creighton.
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    So no bowl game

    The Iowa Black Friday bowl game is huge. Outdoing last year’s 4-8 would be an amazing achievement, or so one would think from reading this board.
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    Bad spot for MSU, IMO

    I guess it’s about time someone called this a trap game for MSU. They can’t possibly be that worried about a 3-7 team.