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    Larry Frost

    Sorry to hear this, prayers to the Frost family. Was he sick?
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    Things the losing teams fanbase will say tomorrow!

    Feel free to add your own! For Nebraska It's their super bowl! We suck, they should beat us! Chinander sucks, fire him already! Refs screwed us! Frost isn't a very good coach! For Iowa It's their super bowl! They suck, we play down to the competition! They needed it more than us! Brian...
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    Nebraska -7.5 @ Maryland

    Illinois is +15.5, I like Illinois to cover
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    100% about Brian. I don't want him to be honest! Best of luck next weekend.
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    Favorite Old Arcade Game?

    Have you tried blowing into it??
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    Favorite Old Arcade Game?

    Contra or Tecmo Bowl
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    If any Iowa fans give you crap about Frost....

    Actually, he was 1-10 and 3-9 I believe, then went 7-5 and 11-2. I do think Frost is the right guy for you guys and you beat IU this weekend!
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    NU -4.5

    Nebraska covers. It opened at 4. Everyone will be on CU and I will be at the window collecting my Nebraska cover. Nebraska wins by double digits. Best of luck this weekend and safe travels going to Boulder if you are going. THE ORIGINAL HAWKS4LIFE
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    Sibling Rivalry NE/IA

    I'm not trolling anything. If you have looked at my posts here in the past I have been nothing but cordial. I respect Nebraska and your program, just not a fan of people who say stupid $hit.
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    Sibling Rivalry NE/IA

    Says the guy saying stupid $hit.
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    Sibling Rivalry NE/IA

    If you are that stupid to think Iowa will be 5-6 going into the Nebraska game, then we can wager anything you feel comfortable losing.
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    Sibling Rivalry NE/IA

    I would like to take that wager! Can I give you my email address?
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    Honestly, how do you think Neb will do?

    My guess is 9-3 and you win the West. Schedule is very favorable. Best of luck this year Huskers, I hope your game with Iowa determines the West.
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    I am playing April Wine on the jukebox..

    One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by john Lee hooker
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    Iowa vs Nebraska live via Iowa city

    Anything Black and Yellow and you will be fine! ;)
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    Iowa vs Nebraska live via Iowa city

    Try Clamato juice with a beer! Enjoy! Cheers!!
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    Iowa/Nebraska Spread Prediction

    Great post, I think Nebraska covers.
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    Iowa/Nebraska Spread Prediction

    I would cheer for North Korea before I would Ohio St!
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    Opening line Herkys 7 point Favorites

    No way West Va is favored?? Scoresandodds has Oklahoma-2.5
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    Iowa/Nebraska Spread Prediction

    It's IOWA -7. Best of luck Huskers!