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  1. Beaguljuice

    So many miserable Nebraskans who feel

    Who needs weather, when there are lots of great discussions about yoga pants, travel, music, movies and various celebrities. If you ask nicely, maybe the mods will give you the super secret hall monitor badge.
  2. Beaguljuice

    RIP Hank Aaron

    The real HR King. I wonder how many HR he would have hit in the juiced ball era with lots of Vitamin S. RIP to a true legend.
  3. Beaguljuice

    Frost Speaks

    That whole Einstein thing and the definition of insanity. Crotch Rot.
  4. Beaguljuice

    2022 class

    Runzas stuffed with more green cabbage.
  5. Beaguljuice

    Pac-12 Fire Commissioner Larry Scott

    Kevin Warren to the white courtesy phone, please.
  6. Beaguljuice

    Stimulus Question

    JC Penny also worked when our treasure chest would disappear.
  7. Beaguljuice

    Stimulus Question

    Cheri was another good one. We kept a stash buried in the tree mulch behind a daycare center. The first time I got caught with a porno mag I was 8. Found it outside at a local park and we stashed it under a jungle gym. I tried to tell my mom it was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I...
  8. Beaguljuice

    James Sylvester

    While having an immediate impact guy would be nice, with all the Sr.'s coming back, he could help with depth and potentially make an impact in '22. A fan can dream.
  9. Beaguljuice

    OT: Near-Death experiences

    I don't miss driving on the West Coast for that very reason. I took a few curves out near the 52 Area too fast in my old '81 Lincoln Continental that definitely made me rethink my way of driving. Semper Fi
  10. Beaguljuice

    OT: Near-Death experiences

    Over the course of my 45 years on this planet, I've banged a few fatties. I'm not talking "she needs to mix in a salad, once in awhile" but a few that were approaching 2.5-3 bills. So much fail, so much near death. I'll spare the gory details, but most of you guys that only bang 10's and...
  11. Beaguljuice

    New jobs posted for our Huskers

    If there's no limit on those, it's a no-brainer.
  12. Beaguljuice

    Honas coming back

    Are you rick chick's sock puppet?
  13. Beaguljuice

    Special teams analyst out

    Weekend at Bernie's, not soley based on looks. The results prove we have a corpse, corching qb's. That is all.
  14. Beaguljuice

    Kool-Aid 2021

    Do you hold his spit cup and keep the Florida Georgia Line songs on repeat in the sauna?
  15. Beaguljuice

    Wide receiver target

    Foreign college sluts.
  16. Beaguljuice

    OT: lower back pain

    Stop lying. You had 4 plates on each side. If you can get your hands on an inversion table, it could definitely do wonders.
  17. Beaguljuice

    OT: Celebrities you’ve met and impressions

    Royce Gracie: Trained with him for a couple years at his academy in Torrance in the late 90's. Also, the rest of the family. Great people, very humble and an awesome teacher. Jim Flowers: He used to go to my church. I remember being really shocked as to how gray his hair was back in '88, and...
  18. Beaguljuice

    Who was the Texas QB Coach?

    Can't remember where I heard it, but it was also said he didn't make a good impression with the in-state HS coaches, and "big-time" them quite a bit.
  19. Beaguljuice

    Will tell you what i know

    Sir Yachty told him.