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    For the first time in 87 yrs

    I'm rooting for a Notre Dame win
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    OT: Crypto currency - what do you have?

    You might think about EFT at a broker's site I started years ago, like 30, buying coins from the U S Mint as part of my coin collecting hobby Lucked out buying 3 of the "1995-W U.S. Mint 10th Anniversary", Silver $ in that set has turned out to be quite valuable, rare with the W mint mark Not...
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    “A day which will live in infamy.”

    I was in the back yard watching Dad chop wood, Mother came to the door screaming about PH and saying there would be fighting here. Father said not to worry, would not be here. 8 years old and I will never forget that exchange or incident that day as we never left the radio, like for days...
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    corona didn't go away

    Both CA and NY have fewer cases per capita than FL - 3395 3581 vs 4811 SD and ND lead in this rating style
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    I have a beautiful Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic, received from wife on my first time to be a Vice President 1972 purchase. Seldom worn as I went to battery watch to facilitate heavy travel schedule I suppose I could leave it to the family and a hundred years from now someone would "yust go nuts"...
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    OT: Same old playbook

    I don't buy his payroll tax excuse but to take full advantage of what tax law gives you is an American's right. Two issues related to these revelations you failed to mention, and very important ones indeed. a) a lot of this appears to be fraud, for example taking deductions for personal...
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    Already posted? NW nor PU play one of the East big three

    Surely they could have taken one of our two.
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    Fine Baum is an idiot

    BIG has MI, 12 has TX - where would we go? I wish we could avoid both, but need $s and partners, I don't see an answer
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    Just how political is B1G football?

    Is this thread not political?
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    Lexi Sun: How Nebraska Changed My Life

    When I go to sleep I never count sheep I count all the charms about Lexi
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    OT-Any one here feeding dog "home cooking"

    Dr. Goldstein's book may help. He's pretty much against current vet thinking and thinks he knows why so may dogs now getting cancer.
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    OT-Any one here feeding dog "home cooking"

    I have for about 3 years now. A wide range of foods Seems to be working out fine Don't any longer get Vaccinations Mostly not around other dogs mostly following Dr. Goldstein's book
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    Name one stock to buy

    Any and all of the ARK EFTs
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    We all experience that at some point

    so, I've only been married for about 61 years , and notice that even though my wife is very attractive, I seem to have gotten tired of her or something. how do I rekindle that feeling? June 12, 1959 Liberty, New York, in the Catskills. Her mother hated me and cried all thru the ceremony...
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    Iowa coach has some explaining to do

    Well to me it meant only one thing - he wasn't going to explain And thanks to Thurber for a funny quip I'm also reminded of J Rockefeller III's no explanation when caught with a non-wife Never complain Never explain
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    Iowa coach has some explaining to do

    Shut up he explained!
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    June 6, 1944

    My extended family sent many to the Military Dad was called up with NE NG for WW1 He was sergeant in NG and came out Captain serving in Europe Manny Uncles both sides of family, like wise cousins, 9 sibling each side so we had them to spare :-) Brother and I both Korea. he during activities me...
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    June 6, 1944

    I'll never forget Brother and I were upstairs bedroom Father came running up the stairs yelling the news I remember the that joyous day well - 11 years old
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    COVID19: just curious about #s in your area

    Have you got the correct numbers?
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    COVID19: just curious about #s in your area

    CA VS NE cases 46445 / 39512000 .00118 per capita 3374 / 1934000 .00174 on the reported numbers Gov N and CA doing a good job