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    Deontai is back!

    Well, if he doesn’t change his tackling you’ll get your wish, since he’ll keep getting thrown out of games. Either way, you win!
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    Scott Frost is the worst playcaller on the planet in the Red Zone

    It looked like something the chiefs would do. Andy Reid relies on lots of gadget stuff in the red zone. But Hickman is not Travis Kelce.
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    Refs with targetting call

    Dismuke is going to have lots of targeting reviews the way he “tackles.”
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    Omaha... I am disappointed in you

    There’s a reason Trump/Kobach’s voter fraud investigation was quietly closed up without releasing any findings. It’s not because they had a lot to share.
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    NFL is full of snowflakes

    If being a "snowflake" means caring about the safety and well-being of others, I guess the world could use more snowflakes.
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    Mills. Deontai Williams (hurt last year). Several new JUCOs this year need to make impact for the Huskers to make any noise.
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    Agree. Why are we doxxing our own player?
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    That is a vile comment.
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    Oct. 24 Start

    Seems silly to worry about who's played who recently/in the future with a shortened season that's going to screw up all the rotations, anyway. Why not just make it simple and have teams play the team in the same position and the opposite position in the standings (ie 1st place from last year in...
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    Why the NFL is irrelevant today

    The NFL has to consider their labor relations more carefully than most businesses. Fair enough. Point is that the politics are usually minimal after the ball is kicked. If it becomes "and Patrick Mahomes has thrown another Biden/Harris 2020 touchdown pass!" I'll be annoyed too. But if someone...
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    Why the NFL is irrelevant today

    The NFL is the biggest sports league in the known universe. The level of play is as high as it’s ever been. I wish the rules wouldn’t favor offense and the passing game so much, but I understand why they do. You don’t like the “political BS” because it’s not your political BS. Sucks for you...
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    QB Adrian vs Luke

    By this evaluation, Marlon Lucky should have played a lot of snaps at QB. I like McCaffrey and he's been effective in specific packages and situations executing a small portion of the playbook. He has a long way to go to be a full-time QB.
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    Patrick Mahomes 10 Years 450 Million Dollar Extension

    Well, at the moment the chiefs are returning 20 of 22 starters. So... not many?
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    Patrick Mahomes 10 Years 450 Million Dollar Extension

    Yep. Manning played 6 years on that contract (sat out one with injury) and the colts made 2 Super Bowls and another ccg. The other afc teams with SB appearances during that time were the patriots and Steelers, twice each, with excellent quarterbacks of their own. The colts won more games during...
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    Interesting note about 2020 Big Ten Offensive Lines

    Because there are 4 teams in front of them. If you have an Olympic race and 3 people somehow tie for second, do you give a bronze medal to the runner after them? Of course not, they get nothing, because they weren’t in the top 3. They were 5th.
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    Mike Gundy

    Changing your mind when presented with your own ignorance shows strength, not weakness. Womanhood is not weakness, either.
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    SIAP....Have Scott or Fred made a statement...

    That's cool man, I'm glad that you feel that way. I'll say, as was pointed out above, that you have to be aware of the implications and connotations attached to certain language. I get where you're coming from and why you prefer "all lives matter," but I'm sure you can see why some people who...
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    SIAP....Have Scott or Fred made a statement...

    I don't think that the idea that all lives are important is controversial (at least to any reasonable person). I'm not going to make assumptions about your viewpoint, but I think there's a disconnect where people who support the BLM movement mean "Black Lives Matter (Too)" while those who...
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    No ACT/SAT for 2020 recruits

    Does this get Betts in? Help us anywhere else? It's good for the basketball team if they're hoping for Sanogo to reclassify.
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    price gouging...

    For sure.