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    OT: What's everyone drinking? [MINNESOTA GAME]

    Big fan of Bulleit Rye. Only $20 at Super Saver right now. I've never had Woodford Rye though, only their Bourbon.
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    Greg Bell Quit the Team

    In the cases of Lindsey and Bell, I'm not sure what the loophole is. Both will still have to sit out next year. The new rule really only benefits grad transfers. I think misinformation about eligibility clocks is driving a lot of these transfers.
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    Tyjon Lindsey Not on Roster...Asked for Release

    I think this would allow him to redshirt this year then transfer and play at a JUCO next year, and still have 2020 and 2021 at another school. Not sure if that's his motivation or if he's just done and ready to GTFO.
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    I do NOT understand the star rating system

    I'm not actually arguing your point, but I'd like to point out that in Chip Kelly's 3 full recruiting classes (2010, 2011, 2012) they finished #13, #9, and #16 in the final recruiting rankings. They signed 3 5-stars and 29 4-stars in that span. It's not Alabama, Ohio State, or USC recruiting...
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    Gebbia is transferring

    Your logic is seriously flawed.
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    Gebbia is transferring

    You can be done all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you're spouting nonsense. Frost didn't choose when to name the starter based on where Gebbia could transfer to. If he cared that much about controlling Gebbia's transfer, he would have just strung the decision out so he couldn't...
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    Gebbia is transferring

    What are you getting on about? Your initial post implied that Frost was intentionally limiting Gebbia's transfer options by only releasing him to quarter system schools. I'm saying that the calendar is dictating where Gebbia can transfer, not Frost.
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    Gebbia is transferring

    Exactly. I see few if any doubting Frost's decision to start Martinez. Apparently some are angry that Frost didn't somehow "trap" Gebbia into staying as a backup. Otherwise, the only divide in the fan base I see is between those trashing a 19-year old like a jilted lover and those that think...
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    Gebbia is transferring

    Frost isn't limiting Gebbia to quarter system schools. The timing is limiting him to quarters-system schools. Most colleges on a quarter system have yet to start classes, allowing Gebbia a little bit of time to find a new spot that fits. It just so happens that the Pac-12 has a lot of schools...
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    Gebbia is transferring

    Gebbia stayed in the spring because he was competing to be the starter. POB left after he saw Gebbia and Martinez overtake him on the depth chart. I don't think POB has anything to do with when Gebbia chose to transfer. Gebbia had already beat him out.
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    Gebbia is transferring

    It's not like he planned on leaving us high and dry just to screw us. He planned on winning the starting job. He didn't, so now he's transferring. It's not his fault we have such little depth after him.
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    Gebbia is transferring

    Or perhaps our inability to take a last-minute transfer to provide depth.
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    Gebbia is transferring

    There you go making stuff up again. He was enrolled in classes until he was told he wasn't named the starter and made the decision to transfer.
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    Recruiting Recruiting trail happenings: Wednesday 1/31

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    Carl is officially a Falcon

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    I hope the rumored of assistant possibilities are true

    I remember when Ed Orgeron was coming too.
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    Stanley Morgan

    Pretty sure whichever coach we hire is going to use WR's.
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    Nebraska has informed UCF they want Frost

    I'll just borrow a .gif from another thread:
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    Campbell wouldn't be in the picture.........

    Well, there's the proof. So the buyout is actually only $850k? Or is it $850k for each season remaining in the contract? The language differs for termination ("one-half of the guaranteed base salary for the remainder of the term of the contract.") and for leaving for another job. ("One-half...