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    Dan Campbell

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    NFL on Nicklelodeon?? Wtf??

    Was thinking the same thing. Not sure what the point is.
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    Browns/Steelers thread

    Did Jurgens get signed by the Steelers?
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    Rut Rohhh!

    Taking a page from Sir Yacht. Nice!
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    Rut Rohhh!

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    Rut Rohhh!

    Fair enough. Point being that this thing seems to happen a lot with our perceived top players. And this isn’t the first time we’ve got worried about Wandale either.
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    Rut Rohhh!

    If he addressed every rumor on every message board about him, he’d have no free all. We are an insecure group of fans. Not saying there’s nothing to this rumor, but the info will come out when it comes out.
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    Good Article about (lack of) Competitive Balance in CFB

    This was much more fun when they had to adjust the rules because we were winning too much
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    Nebrasketball Vs Wisconsin

    Is it just me, or is Potter for Wisconsin a giant d-bag?
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    Dan Mullen, Florida Gators handed penalties for recruiting

    I’m all for getting some violations to get more talent here. What’s the worse they do to us? Make us ineligible for a bowl? Take some wins away? Seems like we’re already doing that to ourselves. NCAA is a joke anymore. We need to play by the same set of rules as those who are winning.
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    No identity

    If we quit putting ourselves behind the 8-ball on the first play, that would be a good start. Both Illinois and Minnesota we self-sodomized ourselves by throwing backwards (Illinois was a joke but we put ourselves in that position) passes on the first friggin play. I’d rather run 3 times and...
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    Time to fire Moos

    I’m pretty sure that firing winning coaches falls into my statement above....
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    Time to fire Moos

    Firing people over and over again is what got us in this mess. Just stop...unfortunately, we just need to wait and see. We have a couple more years of this regardless.
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    Yes We Want McKenzie Milton

    Guy knows how to win. Said it before and I’ll say it again, if we don’t take him we’re idiots. We have a team that needs to learn how to win and he knows how to show it.
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    Husker game direct tv??

    We should have a separate board for “what channel is the game on...”
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    Purdues Joke of a Football Field Strikes Again

    Feels good to have other teams fans arguing on our board for once lol
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    1st time in 2020

    And another
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    We are cursed. I’m convinced of it.