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    -They play the game on paper. Over planning matchups, then are deer in the headlights during a game when they get punched in the nose. -Refusal to run downhill. Traditional “old school” smash mouth football is beneath them. -The big boys are playing a physical game and punching them in the...
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    Wile E. Coyote

    Frost is Wile E. Coyote
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    Conference only

    Looks like conference only. So stupid when they have Creighton and UNO 45 minutes away in the same state. I'm so sick and tired of the stupid Big10
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    OT: Soooo, who is ready to jump in line for that vaccine?

    I'd think about it after a few years of testing. That said, I never get the flu shot and I never get the flu. I've been working from home in IT for over 10 years. I'm never around anybody.
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    Where I'm at

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    Where I'm at

    As soon as it's a good product I'll watch. Personally I loath the spread, but if they can actually execute it and make it a good product I'll watch. Most of the spread makes little to no sense to me. I have spent time studying the history of it and it goes way back to the 40's/50's where it...
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    WTF is up with that new goalline formation?

    Fullback trap would have been great here. Of course, you need to be under center and nobody does that anymore.
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    Where I'm at

    They can't and shouldn't fire Frost. He needs to figure this out. If they keep the cycle of coaches going the program will never recover. He's got 10 years to make it happen. I'm convinced of that. Can he do enough self reflection and adjusting to turn the corner? If he can he will be...
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    Where I'm at

    Read previous post. This is not about wins/losses. It's about product quality. It's been a bad product for 10+ years. Figure it out.
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    Where I'm at

    This is not about wins & losses. The teams of the 70's lost critical games that were a punch in the gut. So did the teams of the 80's. They were not a bad product. This is a BAD product and has been for 10-15 years. Regardless of wins/losses they just need to figure out how to make it a...
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    Where I'm at

    Fair weather fan. No, realist. If I don't like the product I stop paying for it. If I don't like the movie I get up and walk out. This is all about entertainment. Period, end of story. Some of you like the conflict, the emotional roller coaster, the bickering between fans. Me? I've got...
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    Where I'm at

    This is where I'm at. -I used to be a season ticket holder. -I want football. Can not stand watching fast break basketball on grass. -Watching spread offense teams just isn't fun. -I do not enjoy watching ANY football team that runs the spread. -Why do teams run 25-30 yards East coast to West...
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    Kyle Perry

    He will need next year for rehab. If done right he could come back stronger.
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    Aaron Bummer signs deal with White Sox

    Oh man, I thought I was posting on Christo . I was on another board in another tab talking about him snd must not have noticed I fliped back here.
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    Aaron Bummer signs deal with White Sox

    Nice! Now what are the odds he goes pro vs college? His draft stock continues to rise.
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    Big honor for Cornhusker RHP signee Drew Christo

    That’s really cool. So, with this much recognition does he make it to the Huskers or go pro?
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    Any news on possible redshirts? I’ve heard that Cervany is a possible redshirt this year.
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    Colby Gomes

    His change is a work in progress. If he would have had proper coaching last year he’d have a solid 3 pitch mix. I’m not dumping on the kid, I’m calling out how bad the coaching and development has been for pitchers under Erstad. Gomes is the latest example of that. Hopefully this staff can...
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    Colby Gomes

    Gomes is still mainly a 2 pitch guy and when he gets in trouble the FB has little movement and gets tagged. Same as in HS where he was able to lean on high velo to power by guys that could not catch up. He has everything you’d want in a pitcher, but he has not been developed by his college...