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    News on Mo Wash from this morning?

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    NU/CU over/under for attendance.......

    I will go with 18,000 huskers fans....what you...
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    Brennon Clemmons Jr.

    Anyone seen this kid play? Is he the next best...
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    Shrine bowl

    I get we try and move events out west to keep...
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    Nebrasketball Insiders GITT

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    Nebrasketball Insiders GITT

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    Nebraska vs Oklahoma St.

    I am looking at buying tickets behind the...
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    Nebraska vs Oklahoma St

    I am looking to purchase tickets behind...
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    5 wins = Bowl game?..........

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    Morrow, Jacobson, Horne.......

    Addition by subtraction?
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    RIP Milt

    One of the good guys!
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    Much respect to MRI for his strength to stand up for what he believes in. Sad to hear the pain in his voice describing some of the losers that have said some very awful things! I am guilty in that I think I might know what he or other players are going through but in all reality have no idea.
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    New WR?

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    Terran Petteway

    Nebraska benefited from the play of Petteway, but at the same time it really handicapped us. The offense that TM wants to run is more of a motion offense, that did not happen with TP in the lineup. Wish him the best with his pro career.
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    Jano to play some at I-back

    You guys are crazy to think that Jano will all of sudden be the savior and the next best white RB. Fact of the matter is we played against a mediocre football team that was just as shocked as most huskers fans to see Jano get the ball. It may work here and there but we will never see the numbers...
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    Little disappointed no one has commented on Freedom Akinmoladun

    Rudy did it for Notre Dame!
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    Memorial Stadium PA announcer.......

    who will it be? Has it been announced?
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    Wow, Joba on Fire Tonight

    I don't usually root against former huskers to fail but this guy is a loser. i have numerous personal hand experiences. Gordo on the other hand is a class act and wish him all the success in the world.
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    BYU RB

    "BYU announced RB Jamaal Williams has withdrawn from school and will redshirt this season" per Joe Schad
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    Jordan Stevenson

    Anyone know what Alabama's rb depth charts looks like? Based solely on playing time, Nebraska has to look very apealing to Jordan.