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    Elijah Robinson - Temple DL coach

    I'd like to not have a coach from Temple on staff.
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    Hank Hughes out

    Guys we all know how this is going to pan out. We'll talk about potential hires, the ones we want like the Ole Miss guy or Cinci guy or something, but in the end some guy from Tulane or Air Force or someone with Oregon St ties will be hired and we will pretend that we like the hire.
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    Todd McShane tweet

    Should that kid see a doctor? That doesn't look good.
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    Mike New Orleans?

    He isn't going anywhere. We're lucky to have him for 10 more years. We should appreciate him being here and his effort. Nfm.
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    We should be happy we're in the top 50. It's very hard to recruit to Nebraska, I think top 50 is a good goal to aim for.
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    Best Frozen Pizza

    Jack's pizza
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    Does anyone else feel concerned that Oregon St is ahead of us in....

    What? Curious, but why would you put Iowa up there with Oregon? I think I'm missing your sarcasm.
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    How does Maryland have a five star and 4 four star guys?

    Some schools recruit better than others.
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    Our offense sucks, our defense sucks, our playcalling

    Dude, Pelini sucks. Mike Riley sucks (going by his coaching history). There can be two negatives, it doesn't have to be one or the other. Both people can be bad at coaching. Look at ND with Charlie Wiess and TW. People can suck back-to-back. They can even suck back-to-back-to-back. Like a human...
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    Our offense sucks, our defense sucks, our playcalling

    My personal opinion is that Mike Riley is not that he's a "bad" coach, it's that he's a bad coach for Nebraska. Sure lets give him a couple more years. See what he can do. But let's drop him after that. It'll look better, feel better, a larger majority will be behind it. let's see if he can do...
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    Any 'regulars' will be out on injury ?

    Completely agree. I do enjoy the Cross out of I with jano lead blocking. Liked that turn around when they started doing that. Hope to see more of that and less of "throw ball 45 times".
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    GREAT WIN!! Need to win, always

    GREAT WIN!! Awesome effor for the most part. How could this team lose to ILL?!! We looked like a top team yet we lost to Purdue. Keep it comin', let's win these games and games we should. Good rushing by Cross this game.
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    Quiet night even thought the Huskers are playing great.

    Many of us are busy watching the game. Good effort in the first half so far.
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    Question for all who want staff fired now?

    3 years, including this one.
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    You're off the record with Riley,,,

    If you were a hot dog would you eat yourself?
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    Straw that Broke the Camels Back

    Nebraska may not even be the best team in the state. Where would Nebraska rank in Class A?