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    SUPER BOWL 50 Official Game Thread

    Can't really say, don't watch much NFL and had it not been the Super Bowl I would have done something else other than watch this. Defense was good as I said, but there were multiple moments where you would have thought an MVP QB would have made the throw and receivers on the top offense would...
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    SUPER BOWL 50 Official Game Thread

    Sure the defense is good. Just doesn't feel like I'm watching dominating defense so much as I'm watching a lot of chickens with their heads cut off.
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    SUPER BOWL 50 Official Game Thread

    This game is terrible. Make it stop.
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    SB halftime shows

    That was entirely average. Unless you can bring the Beatles back to life you're going to have a hard time picking a show that appeases everyone. "So they picked Coldplay - who nobody really likes - but nobody entirely hates either."
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    I guess if nobody else is gonna do it....

    A couple of the most intolerable people I know (literally) are Jayskers.
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    ESPN Bubble Bursting? Interesting Article

    I'm not sure if this does help. I believe the article said that ESPN alone made up around $35.00 of that cable bill. I always wondered how Netflix was able to provide the streaming service they do at $8.00 a month with such a deep library. Well, this helps. That said, if I could just pick...
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    OT: SlingTV and cutting cord

    I watch a lot of soccer which is mostly carried on NBC Sports so if they would pick that up on the sports package I'd probably go in for Sling TV.
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    ESPN Bubble Bursting? Interesting Article

    If this trickles down to the TV deal level (which seems logical over the next 5-10 years) it will hit all sports and their respective conferences across the board. Would be a welcome change IMO.
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    ESPN Bubble Bursting? Interesting Article

    The network lost 7 million subscribers over the past two years. It seems the sports on TV landscape could be much different 5 years from now.
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    So, did Bo leave the cupboard bare?

    Depth was lacking, but outside of MAYBE Miami could you really say anyone we played had more in the cupboard than we did?
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    Paul Rhoads fired from Iowa State

    Funny that a few years back Rhoads could have cashed in for a bigger job. His energy reinvigorated the program there similar to what Pelini did at Nebraska, but that energy only takes you so far.
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    An 11-0 Iowa team is only a 2.5 point favorite over a 5-6 Nebraska team...

    Early weather report is looking chilly/ windy which to me says this will be an ugly four quarter game.
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    France taking it to ISIS

    I don't envy the leaders of the world in this situation. A lot of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Cut the head off a snake and see two grow back in its place.
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    We will beat the Hawkeyes

    I don't think either team is as good/ bad as their record suggests. I'm guessing the line will be about a field goal. Pretty foolish game to be confident in either way IMO.
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    Key Jr. Tweet

    Gotta buy a ticket to win the raffle.
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    Key Jr. Tweet

    Great move to get recruits bought in to playing for the name on the back of the jersey before they even arrive! Groundbreaking stuff here.
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    i think we shock the world Saturday....

    Riley has said a lot to make us feel good. We're 3-6.
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    Royals parade. There's got to be a million plus. Awesome sight**

    I loved watching the World Series run, and as a person who had watched little to no baseball for the previous 10 years learned a decent amount about the game. That said I'll still hardly watch it come April. Having a 160 game season completely changes the dynamic of the game for me. Hard for me...
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    30 for 30

    Pretty sure we don't want a 30 for 30 on Nebraska in the 90s.
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    Trap game

    The problem for Nebraska is that while our team is terrible, the name "Nebraska" still carries enough weight that teams won't overlook us and revel at the opportunity to give that name a beat down.