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  1. johnm17

    22 May 2019 Game 49: (5) Nebraseball vs. (4) Minnesota at Big Ten Tournament (Omaha) - (NU wins 8-2)

    Thanks for posting even if we were all at the game. It's nice seeing others thoughts about what happens. I will be there again today all day. Section 113 row 24. GBR.
  2. johnm17

    Big ten tourney

    TD Ameritrade still has no listing for the tournament on their web site. I sure would be nice to know when so i can stop checking all the time.
  3. johnm17

    OT---Worst Break Up Story Ever

    got a dear john birthday card while i was stationed in Korea
  4. johnm17

    End of the world

    Toledo RB avg 6.4 ypc against super bowl champs...
  5. johnm17

    NU asks fox to pull this promo....

    The only problem i have with it is ive lived here over 50 years, and have never seen a cornfield that has stretched for miles and miles.
  6. johnm17

    OT: Does this happen at your house?

    EekCan I borrow a 100 ill pay you back as soon as i get it from my brother in law
  7. johnm17

    Are IOWA fans...

    the only opinion I would trust in this situation is Trev Alberts :Cool:
  8. johnm17

    Husker Baseball vs Creighton

    according to the official UN station the flight they had originally booked had a take off time of around 7 the airline changed the take off time They evidently book flights well in advance so the whole travel party can go on the same flight just what I heard on the radio Monday night and...
  9. johnm17

    Baseball on tv

    What is the difference between BTN2Go and BTN Plus?
  10. johnm17

    Friday: Nebraska vs. Cal Poly (Huskers lose 3-2)

    Is it just me or does "big ben" seem to choke more often than not when he comes to the plate when something big needs to happen.
  11. johnm17

    To the old timers on here

    I was in basic training at Lackland AFB when it was played. I got to see it on the day room television, probably a 13 inch one.
  12. johnm17

    Update on my 17yr old daughter that was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL)

    Are you from Omaha? I work at UNMC.
  13. johnm17

    Nebraska is on a short list

    Devils advocate may say he had good talent but under-performed on the coaching side.
  14. johnm17

    OT - Replacing Water Heater

    Dude they have people that do these things for a living.
  15. johnm17

    Big 10 adding Friday night games, includes Huskers (excludes OSU, PSU?)

    i'd have to take a day off work at least half day sucks in my opinion
  16. johnm17

    Jury says Paterno U owes McQueary $7.3 Million

    It was Penn St how many years ago? Who is to say the cops would have done anything anyway. Don't forget the allegations of his charity providing entertainment for boosters. Who knows how far that reached in the community.
  17. johnm17

    Great story on Milt.....

    Pappa loves you got me. love my grand kids too