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    Best #365 in Husker history

    Only 365 days until Husker football
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    Long shot reasons the B1G plays football this fall after all

    How about playing 4 exhibition games with fans. One game with Iowa and 3 other teams from the PACO 12 or some other conference? Starting in September. Has this already been mentioned several times? I don’t see how the Big Ten could prevent us from doing that. They also can’t prevent us from...
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    GoFundMe Active Retractable Roof Memorial Stadium
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    B1G Schedule Release Impending

    I care and I’m driving through Colorado right now. On my way to your mom’s house.
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    JD Spielman

    Nope! & play for a team that can’t properly execute a swing pass every other play.
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    Rex Burkehead, Roy Helu jr, or Ameer Abdullah?

    But Helu could jump over people
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    Can Frost go undefeated

    I bet we don’t play our first game until Halloween against Ohio State and we finish 0-5.
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    Ronald Thompkins

    I just watched his film and I feel like it is the first time I have ever seen it. Last time I saw his film, I thought he ran like a hedgehog and I wasn’t that impressed but I must have been watching film on the wrong guy. He’s like LP mixed with a little bit of Mo, Roger Craig, Cody Glenn...
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    Io_a football players put fans on notice:

    That’s racist
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    Omar Manning is OFFICIALLY good to go...Twitter links inside.

    He just entered his name into the portal
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    Anyone know where Vedral wound up?

    Hopefully that mf retires from football and becomes a hermit in the woods so my wife and mother-in-law stop talking about him and how cute he is.
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    First Husker Memory?

    My first memory was seeing a bunch of white helmets with the skinny red N on them and I thought that was really neat. I was born at the beginning of football season so I was probably only a couple months old.
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    Last 2020 Football Scholly

    Phuck no
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    Favorite Badass Players

    Eric Martin, Quentin Castille, Quincy Enunwa, Porkchop
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    Sharp Shooter Trevor Lakes N

    Was it me or did it seem like it took Kavas 3 seconds to get his shot off and he shot from the back part of his foot?
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    PJ Fleck - Major Violation

    I asked the 3rd guy on the right (in the video) plus look at PJ’s face. He has “fat dong” face.
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    PJ Fleck - Major Violation

    Where on this list would it be if you were one of the poor college kids that had to grab his fat dong to move him along?
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    PJ Fleck - Major Violation

    Never trust a man that crowd surfs on his belly!