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  1. prag_grenade

    Ireland roll call!

    Maybe some of us also want to...I don't know see Ireland.
  2. prag_grenade

    Ireland roll call!

    Individual tickets will go on sale early 2021. There is a link to an email list for updates. Though I'm sure when the time gets closer availability dates will be announced.
  3. prag_grenade

    Ireland roll call!

    Any idea on when they might be available?
  4. prag_grenade

    100 mins without a TD against P5 and counting

    This seems like a highly inappropriate post seeing our team playing the way they're playing.
  5. prag_grenade

    OT / Overrated Bands

    Now you've done it.
  6. prag_grenade

    Is it time to pull the plug on Jurgens?

    Bet you're wondering where I get the nickname Rube? This!
  7. prag_grenade


    So maybe not as good as everyone thought. I know their is a lot of season to go but I wonder if ESPN's FPI will still have us at a 20 something percent chance of winning in a week or so?
  8. prag_grenade

    We will cover the spread and this will be competitive. GBR

    #milleniusl What the hell is a milleniusl?
  9. prag_grenade

    Frost postgame comments

    Valid point.
  10. prag_grenade

    Frost postgame comments

    You've seen a Nick Saban interview, right?
  11. prag_grenade


    Wisconsin's gonna Wisconsin .
  12. prag_grenade


    No one? I guess I'll say it. MICHIGAN LOOKS LIKE SH*T.
  13. prag_grenade

    4-Year-Old Sells Lemonade to Help Pay for Willie Taggart's Buyout

    I'm just amazed someone from the state of Florida knows what gravitate means much less use in a sentence.
  14. prag_grenade

    Northern Illinois game

    Good luck with that.
  15. prag_grenade

    Wow, just wow, what a tool...

    Can we get back to the issue of this guy being a total hack. Seriously read his articles. It's like the diaries of a madman.
  16. prag_grenade


    They really have a little or a lot of something for everyone over there.
  17. prag_grenade

    Who will win the National Title this year?

    Kid looks like the anti-christ from American Horror Story.