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    Fans in the stands

    Nowhere on campus will allow tailgating, so no. Not sure what; if any, restrictions could/would be in place for areas not on campus.
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    This will probably be used to end football....even though his team didn’t play.

    Still tragic, but he wasn't 17, that was the year he graduated, he was 20. I couldn't tell from the tweet, but the school he played for was California University of Pennsylvania, a Division 2 school.
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    OT :Distance Learning??

    I live in Lincoln, and I have 3 in school. The 2 younger ones, one in middle school and one in elementary school, are going to school full time. All high schools are on a 3 and 2 alternating weeks; my oldest is a freshman, not a great way to have to start high school, but I don't know of too...
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    Need 6 teams to flip

    The spin here is interesting, especially this line: I find that to be a bit disingenuous. First of all, where does that number come from? There are 11 conferences in FBS and 15 in FCS, and that's counting Independents as it's own conference in each level. That's 26 conferences in Division 1...
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    Meet 6’4 230 pound 4 star WR Omar Manning and the rest of the new Huskers ....

    Huskers Volunteer as Coaches at Lincoln High Schools This Fall Here's some more about the Husker players volunteering. In addition to the ones listed above, Casey Rogers and Isaac Gifford are volunteering at Lincoln Southeast.
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    Actor Chadwick Boseman Dead at 43

    Sad to see this, didn't even realize he was sick. I really liked him in 42.
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    Rules Question: Returning from Out of Bounds Covering a Punt

    There is a rule; Rule 6-3-12 to be exact. If a player on Team A (kicking team) goes out of bounds, they can't return to play unless they were forced out. Penalty is 5 yards, either added to end of play, or from previous spot and re-kick. Presumably, Oklahoma would have gone for re-kick in that...
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    Warren on B1G Reasons for Cancellation. WTH!?!?!

    I have a feeling he is pretty well unliked by a significant portion of the B1G fanbase. My biggest worry with him is he'll turn into the next Roger Goodell. A lot of NFL fans dislike Goodell, but the people who actually have the power to do something about his job, the NFL owners, seem to like...
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    Warren on B1G Reasons for Cancellation. WTH!?!?!

    If much of any of what Jeff Snook says is true, than all the people defending Kevin Warren by saying he's a powerless figurehead can quit with that. My feeling all along on Warren has been, regardless of whether or not he has a vote or any "power"; he certainly can talk and try to convince of...
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    NSIAP: How a cardiologist may have saved the college football season

    I agree, it's maddening. Reading the qualifications of this doctor, it sounds like he might be about as close as you can come to an expert on the subject. He is at the Mayo Clinic, in Minnesota, so the B1G wouldn't even have had to go outside the B1G footprint to get his expertise. I found...
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    NSIAP: How a cardiologist may have saved the college football season

    How a cardiologist may have saved the college football season Thought this was interesting. Cardiologist, in the B1G footprint no less, helped Big 12 decide to keep going forward with football.
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    OT: Favorite YouTube channels?

    I've got quite a few I subscribe to, but these are the ones that I always watch when they post new videos. Smarter Every Day Science channel about all manner of different subjects. Like this channel because it does science stuff without getting political. Engineering Explained Channel about...
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    What about NU Hoops?

    I'm a season ticket holder, they did send something out a while back saying they were delaying doing any invoices for season tickets; but other than that, there's been nothing. I doubt we'll see anything much this year, but who knows?
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    Herky now apparently pushing back.

    If they could get groups from all 14 B1G schools to do this, it would maybe have an impact. I doubt it, but at least it would be a little more egg on the face of the idiots in charge.
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    I'm sorry. The SI article nails Nebraska

    I understand someone like Ohio State speaking up would be a bigger deal, but again, just because Nebraska hasn't had much success recently doesn't mean they forfeit their right to express their opinion. I didn't see what Nebraska did as "talking tough" like they were trying to go for some big...
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    I'm sorry. The SI article nails Nebraska

    Can someone explain to me why Nebraska's recent success (or lack thereof) in football has anything at all to do with how the leadership reacted to the B1G's stupidity? Because Nebraska hasn't had much success of late in football, they were just supposed to take the stupid decision lying down...
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    Siap: BIG schedule release at 7:45 am central

    The schedule posted on the Husker football Facebook page matches the B1G graphic, so it seems more likely that one is correct. Not sure why they would have switched those from what they were.
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    James Carnie

    You can find the results online. Fidone had a 37.4 in the Vert, Carnie had a 32.8. In the Pro Agility drill, Carnie had the best score among TE with 4.3, although I don't find a score for Fidone, so I'm not sure if he didn't do that drill or why there isn't a score. In the 40, Carnie did best...
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    OT: dropping cable and streaming FB games

    I looked it up and there is something on Sling's website mentioning adding BTN before this college football season, though it doesn't have anymore information about when. With BTN added to Sling, it would definitely be the cheapest option for following the Huskers, unless it sees a huge price...
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    OT: dropping cable and streaming FB games

    Hulu Live is basically the best/cheapest you can get that will have all the channels needed (BTN & ESPN). The only cheaper services, Philo and Sling, don't carry BTN on either, and Philo doesn't have ESPN. I've had Hulu Live and I like it, we're taking a break from it over the summer, but it's...