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    Coach John Blake

    He could recruit really well. Obviously he had a mark on recruiting here also.
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    News on CB Nadab Joseph?

    I have a community college professor sitting across the desk from me while she grades, and she wants me to let you know that this is not quite true.
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    Special Teams Analyst Hire

    During the season as Special Teams suffered, I wondered how much the medical issues DeWitt had been battling may have impacted the ST preparations. Not making light of or minimizing the importance of his health.It just seemed like as aspect of the game in which we had zero preparation.
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    OT: Goodbye Mrs. Boxes

    You waited until the day before Valentines Day to return to this thread. I hope you know Boxes that you know how to make a grown man cry at his desk. Prayers to your entire family.
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    Donovan Williams decommitting

    Good luck to him. For his sake, I hope he makes the staff regret their decision. For the team's sake, I hope we do not.
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    I have to admit.....

    Honestly: Yes. For today, yes. Skepticism is for another day. There are too few times in a year (let alone in dark December) to feel giddy and good, to find a kernel of happiness and hope. Savor the experience. Pull those who do not share your sunshine out of the muck without letting them...
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    Official early signing day thread

    Is Slusher the last one on whom we are waiting?
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    OT: Goodbye Mrs. Boxes

    Our deepest condolences to you and those around you.
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    Coach Hot Seat Ranks

    Not a hot seat once the ejection button has already been deployed
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    2nd Half Game Thread!!!!

    Who is Eli Sullivan? We switched centers?
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    SDSU’s Otzelberger hired as UNLV new HC

    The rumors within the UNLV community was that UNLV made a run at Matta and were rebuffed. Matta makes $1.5MM+ to do nothing this year and $1.6MM for July 1, 2019 through June 3, 2020. If Matta gets a job, he loses his OSU payments and would be required to repay a percentage of the money...
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    Hoiberg N

    I presume the Mayor stuff will be left at ISU and it will be "Go Big fRed"
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    Nebraska / Illinois

    It is one thing to lose to supposedly inferior teams. It is another to get blown out game after game by supposedly inferior teams with no apparent game plan or real desire to be there. We are in Riley territory, and it appears that Miles is desiring to ride this bomb all the way into the ground.
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    Nebrasketball Favored by 7.5 over Bucknuts

    This is a Jack and Clang offense that does not get back on defense or rebound. Yes it is on the players, but Miles told us this week that he knew it fell on him to have them ready. OSU has a midweek game; we did not. There are no excuses.
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    Nebrasketball Favored by 7.5 over Bucknuts

    Had all week to develop a coherent offensive game and we look anemic and inept.
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    No commits from Texas, California, or Florida yet...

    Your last point relates to your first point. Recruit the heck out of Georgia because you have connections there. You have Eric Johnson's performance school there which is a year-round promotion program for the Huskers. You have the current staff's connections coming from Central/Northern...
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    Commitment List Updates

    Man I really like this kid-- not just on the field but personality for this program, which is why SMJ is hopefully a good comparison. WR is just one of those positions that lately seems to be hype upon hype, miss after miss, transfer after never makes it campus, year after year. Hope Chase...
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    The First Husker You Idolized..

    The Backfield of Berns, Hipp and Franklin
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    Most popular recruit in the history of Husker Board

    No Travis Lewis in the list? No Noel Devine?
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    With the Wandalemania and good vibes for Johnson and Mills, the recruit who seems to get the least amount of attention but also seems to have huge upside is Thompkins. Understanding that he was hurt this year. However 4 backs in the same recruiting class causes some degree of congestion and...