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    Row the boat

    I agree with all of this.
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    Iowa, Minn, or Wis?

    I think Minn loses to Iowa & Wis. I think Wis wins out.
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    Iowa, Minn, or Wis?

    After yesterday’s results I think Wisconsin wins the West.
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    Iowa St Going for 2

    They should’ve definitely kicked it. I believe there was 24 seconds left & Okla had 2 or 3 timeouts left. I was thinking if they tied it Okla might’ve kneeled & just went to OT. If ISU would’ve got the 2 point Okla had the time to get in fg range.
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    If we lose to Maryland

    I kind of agree with this as well.
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    If we lose to Maryland

    Maryland has given up on their season more than any other team in the country. We’ll see how much fight we have left in us next week. I hope we don’t fold up shop like Mary has.
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    Row the boat

    “might be??”
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    Heard you guys had a scrimmage over the bye week

    I think Iowa does have 1 National Title. I didn’t believe it either & had to look it up. As far as the bye week scrimmage, I can only assume that Frost got out-coached??
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    Penn St - Minn

    Iowa will beat Minnesota. Us too.
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    If we lose to Maryland

    The official new coach search will be on. They are bad bad. Frost can walk home if we lose to that garbage team.
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    Should never have joined the Big 12

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. I miss the Big12 because it was way weaker than the B1G. The top is better in the B1G. The middle is way better in the B1G. And the bottom is better in the B1G. Basically, I just miss winning.
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    On the basketball debacle last night....I mean debut.

    I have waaaaaay more confidence in Fred building a good program than Scott. B-ball will be an annual tourney team. Fball I’ll just be hoping for 6 wins the next few years.
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    Spencer Tillman.....

    Oh we’ll get some more “truth”. Wis & Iowa are still coming to town.
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    Why is 3rd and long and 4th and long automatic

    Including the top coach. Nobody wants to admit it though.
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    The most disappointing thing about this season

    Whew! I just barely got in this thread before it got stupid.
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    The most disappointing thing about this season

    2 great posts & I have nothing to add to what you both stated. I just wanted to get in this thread while it’s still great & just before it gets stupid.
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    1st and goal from the 2

    Agree. Scott is a soft Frosty?! Rim shot!
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    Willie Taggart fired from FSU

    Wow. So it can be done if need be. Good to know.
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    Iowa fans invading Lincoln

    Yeah because we always beat Iowa in Lincoln.
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    Iowa fans invading Lincoln

    Lol, ok. Purdue, Indiana, & Colorado handled us & now we’re going to whip up on a top 20 team. Got it.