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  2. Child of the Corn

    Ads. Super Bowl

    I liked the Shining parody/Mountain Dew commercial with Bryan Cranston.
  3. Child of the Corn

    Marvin Scott can bench press over 400 lbs.

    Id top the board. EZ
  4. Child of the Corn

    Nebraska QB Controversy - an objective view

    Martinez's confidence was shaken by the offensive line problems. If he can get his mind right and assuming the snapping issues are corrected and the line protection is better next season, then I see no reason why he wouldn't have a decent shot at starting. With that said, knowing all the talent...
  5. Child of the Corn

    Streamline Undergraduate Degrees to 3 Years

    They could accomplish this by cutting out electives and just have students focus on gen eds and core classes.
  6. Child of the Corn

    Is Frost’s beard an issue?

    Maybe he should put on some weight, grow a great big bushy beard so we can have santa claus as our head coach. I mean how can anyone hate on Santa?
  7. Child of the Corn

    On a brighter note...

    Dedrick Mills played his ass off. Earlier in the season, I was not overly impressed with his performance but now, he is running with a purpose. We needed more of him this game. I feel if we leaned on him a bit more, we win.
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    College Football needs the Huskers

    It's not just Frost's friends though, it's Frost. I think he has great leadership qualities but he is terrible at game planning and adjustments. His play calling is predictable, uninspired and sometimes plain moronic. Even the announcers were scratching their heads. Why the f**k was he calling a...
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    So mad I could spit nails!

    That pissed me off too. There was still time to take shots down field and yet Frost wastes 2 downs trying to play for overtime like some bitch. He was definitely fearing failure. He didn't want to risk Iowa intercepting it which I can understand that concern with Martinez in. But Iowa did what...
  10. Child of the Corn

    Luke 1/1 39 Yards 1 TD

    Because Martinez is Frost's boy. Regardless of how good another QB is, Martinez will get the majority of the snaps even if he is playing like shit and making stupid decisions. Don't be surprised if the same shit continues next year. McCaffrey is far more gifted than Martinez but it wont matter.
  11. Child of the Corn

    Frost is a ????

    Frost threw the game with his stupid play calling.
  12. Child of the Corn

    This loss is on Frost

    I agree. So many wasted opportunities. Screen pass after screen pass. countless three and outs with Martinez. Luke gets you a touchdown and you bench him for most of the game after that except for one play? Stupid stupid stupid.
  13. Child of the Corn


    Stop the ****ing swing passes..
  14. Child of the Corn


    We just waste down after down with predictable calls
  15. Child of the Corn


    ****ing swing passes
  16. Child of the Corn


    Would be nice to have another big man at the line. Lose chinander and find someone to install a 4-3.
  17. Child of the Corn

    Will we ever be able to recruit a ...

    Id rather have a 5 star top notch QB....but that's just me.
  18. Child of the Corn

    Willie Taggart fired from FSU

    Sorry that's not how reality works. If you are not performing at your job, you should get fired especially when you're making 5 million a year. Like I said, the coaches we fired were given enough time. Frost will get ample time to get his recruits in place and then after that if the performance...
  19. Child of the Corn

    "All of the good players are young"

    The why the f*** isn't he playing them over the older guys? I get preserving their redshirt and all but I really do hate this philosophy. I always felt regardless of that, you play the best players no matter what.
  20. Child of the Corn

    1st and goal from the 2

    QB keeper or even pound the rock up the middle with Mills would have been a likely touchdown. But like Frost said in the post-game conference, there are always calls you would like to have back. Unfortunately, this is becoming a frequent occurrence with this staff making a simple situation more...