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  1. summersatthelake

    Sean Snyder

    Our son is doing a one on one interview with LHCBS today and I’ll see if Coach touches on that
  2. summersatthelake

    KU v KSU (fight)

    My son (on the right) asked Coach Self if he ever thought about removing De Sousa from the team....evidentially Coach Self didn’t like my sons shirt :)
  3. summersatthelake

    Chiefs - Titans

    It looks like this is old info and Clete is not an offical
  4. summersatthelake

    Chiefs - Titans

    Clete Blakeman is running the crew at the Super Bowl so we still have a Nebraska player in the Super Bowl :)
  5. summersatthelake

    Chiefs - Titans

    We live on 30 acres in the Missouri Ozarks and are on the wrong side of a big ass hill and barely get cell service
  6. summersatthelake

    Chiefs - Titans

    I think the Chiefs son is covering the game for CBS out of Topeka and WHEN the Chiefs win he is going to the Super Bowl to cover that game.....and I have friggin Dish TV and Dish still has the dispute with CBS.....but I do get pics and texts from my son from the sidelines and press box...
  7. summersatthelake

    New Year's Plans?

    I’ll be in bed by my usual 10:00...8 year anniversary of no alcohol intake tomorrow
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    If Martinez would not have ran out of bounds the game would have went to overtime
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    Longest run of the season
  11. summersatthelake

    Michigan - Penn St

    You gotta admit that the white out is pretty amazing
  12. summersatthelake

    Fox sports.....

    I have Dish and the only reason I have not cut the cord is because of BTN....if this is long term I will drop them
  13. summersatthelake

    I don't usually drink during games...

    I’m on my second Mountain Dew already
  14. summersatthelake

    Champaign, IL... who is going ?!

    My son (a Husker fan) is going to the game with a bunch of his Illinois buddies and I think he said his parking pass is $65.00 but that is a reserved spot for tailgating
  15. summersatthelake

    OT: Texas trooper pulled me over in West Texas yesterday

    Our son spent 2 years in Abilene and we made several trips from Missouri to Abilene and talk about a boring drive. Parts of the drive in Texas were 80 mph and I got pulled over by a State Patrol for going 5 over...he explained that in an 80 they usually ticket for 5 over but he wrote me a warning.
  16. summersatthelake

    Assault Rifles. Thoughts?

  17. summersatthelake

    "Make it right" - Mizzou

    One of our sons is a Mizzou Journalism grad and just accepted the weekend sports anchor position with a Topeka tv station and he will be covering KU,KSU, and KC sports teams...KU’s season should be interesting to follow this year and just might get a little inside information :)
  18. summersatthelake

    OT: Best personal defense weapon under 1k

    Using your criteria of 1000 bucks and SHTF scenario......used WASR AK 47 and 2500 rounds of Wolf ammo
  19. summersatthelake

    Cats or Dogs

    Cats inside and dogs outside...cats won’t have anything to do with me and my dogs would attack a Bengal Tiger if it attacked me..luckily Bengal Tigers are not native to the Missouri Ozarks but I hear the meth dealer next county over has one