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    Ron Brown duties

    Simmer down, man. You sound like Riley stole your dog or something.
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    Ron Brown duties

    This is exactly why I don’t hang around evangelicals.
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    Kevin Cosgrove

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    AJ Bush

    Thanks, that explains it. I remembered he was a leftie; do teams flip left and right tackles to protect LH quarterbacks?
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    Ron Brown duties

    Riley was a class act, and your comments are unwarranted. He loved fixing broken organizations; that was just his nature. “More than winning,” I suppose.
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    Ron Brown duties

    Yeah, I was banned for supporting Riley and a new approach to offensive football and recruiting. I still stand by him, and NU would be better off if his guys would have stayed. Having said that, I think we still have lots of good players and a smart, young coaching staff. Riley had class, though.
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    Ron Brown duties

    I don’t trust Mr. Brown because I understand he is an evangelical Christian. I have no idea what his politics are, though.
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    AJ Bush

    I wonder how AJ was able to transfer without sitting out a couple years, after NU and VT.
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    Ron Brown duties

    That’s it, I’m betting Brown distributes sandwiches to the players.
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    Ozigbo had another damn good game!

    Ozigbo’s poor performances in the past had nothing to do with coaches. Sometimes, believe it or not, it’s on the players.
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    OT: What's everyone drinking? [MINNESOTA GAME]

    If it’s in front of me, i’m not picky at all. The pitcher of Blue Moon was fine.
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    Ozigbo had another damn good game!

    He seems much faster this year, I swear he couldn’t outrun the offensive line coaches in previous years
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    Should Chinander be fired after this game?

    The thing is, newish head coaches always place a premium on recruiting stellar players on offense. The reason is sound, offenses score points, defenses not so much. Defensive units are more emotionally driven. I think this defense is as good as can be expected with any new DC. Give him time, I...
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    No matter what Frost does now...

    That . that’s what she said
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    Nebraska’s new rock bottom already includes talk of firing Scott Frost

    It was poor management at UNL that made the decision to fire Riley. It set the program back years, but it calmed the rioting masses for a while. Similarly, it would be a terrible idea fire Frost. He should have five years, unless he proves to have character issues that reflect badly on the...
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    We haven't heard much from Moos

    And if Moos screws up, Frost can always fire him.
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    Whiner's whine

    Frost can fix this, but not because he’s the Jesus of college football. He can fix it by not getting fired in 3 years. I lost a lot of respect for him when he started blaming the last staff and team for his problems. Right or wrong, that was low class. He sounded like a certain politician that’s...
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    Current Mood

    That last paragraph just freaked me out, man.
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    Current Mood

    I did. Several losses last year were due to T. Lee’s tosses for interceptions. I’m remembering those as turning three wins into losses. Last year we introduced a new defense and began installing a new offense with Riley recruits. Riley’s problem was that he wasn’t allowed to eliminate Pellini...