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    Scott Frost is a fraud

    Nailed it. The fact that he's allowed that kid to stay is nearly unforgivable.
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    Nobody is going to care about Colorado when we are in the Big Ten Championship

    That's far too self aware and reasonable lol
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    Honest Question on Farniok

    The Alaric Jackson kid Iowa got instead is a far better player, imo.
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    wow at least NIU earned their win legit GGG robbed horribly

    I had the exact same card as you. He was robbed. Great fight to watch though.
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    Today's Nebraska fan..

    Sometimes you just have to evaluate where you are as a program.
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    The west for the taking

    Ever? You must not remember the Callahan era and getting 70 put up by Texas Tech...
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    Bryson Williams

    The kid isn't ideal at all for the 3-4. I just don't see where he will fit. He would have been a much better fit at Iowa but they took a higher rated kid last week.
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    What is tackling?
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    Even IF we lose to Iowa...

    What's the status of Tommy, Westerkamp and Ozigbo for the Iowa game Friday?
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    What position could armstrong play in the pro's?

    (arm) punter? please don't ban me its just a joke
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    Farnoik decision?

    It'll probably come down to signing day for him and Jackson. Monday at the earliest I would think.
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    Noah Fant

    He's a great prospect, otherwise these programs wouldn't be putting up with this chit.
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    Alaric Jackson

    The first half of his post isn't trolling. I'm a premium member on the Iowa site and what he said is true.
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    Alaric Jackson

    After a big year it's usually the next years class that significantly improves. Iowa already had 80% of their class midway through the season.
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    Todd McShane Tweet

    Yeah, apparently. Probably due to his poor performances as of late. Just what i've been hearing, could be wrong. I think they really want Alaric Jackson from Michigan instead.
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    Todd McShane Tweet

    Might be looking good for you guys with Farniok. Iowa people have been hearing they're backing off of him.
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    Brandon Wegher. Anyone remember this kid

    Is he the only white running back in the NFL?
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    Should we be for Iowa in the Rose Bowl?

    Thats not true at all.
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    So what will Eichorst say

    That they need to evaluate where Iowa is as a program?
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    AD says it's about Championships, but hires a coach with none

    What Eichorst really needs to do is evaluate where Iowa is as a program.