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    Ahman actually went back to the Packers after the Texans. He only played part of the season in 2009 for Green Bay.
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    For those that don't think McCaffrey can pass

    Frazier makes a good point, but he is a few years behind the times. Back in 2001, he should have posted about how great Mike Stuntz was. For the year, he had 100% completion with a 63 yard average per pass. Every pass he threw was a touchdown. He should have started over Crouch. Stuntz could...
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    If you don’t have Fox Business... This website worked for me.
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    OT: ? for the computer hardware guys...

    I would also recommend the 8 GB of RAM. Most cheaper laptops don't have dedicated video cards so the RAM is shared. An SSD won't last as long as an old platter HD, but it is well worth the money. The speed increase is very noticeable and it is quieter. Also there are no moving parts which is a...
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    FWIW - How National Champ Clemson Recruits I think this is the list SOHusker11's data came from. It may still not be apples to apples, but it shows where Clemson is on the list,at #3 @ $1.79 million. That is...
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    20 years for making some kid the luckiest boy in America??

    She should have gotten a much harder sentence like another child molester. Something more like 13 years where she gets to leave prison 6 days a week for 16 hours each day to work. She does deserve prison time, like anyone who rapes children. I wouldn't say she is getting a very light sentence.
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    Speaking of Volleyball

    I believe Stanford has the most tournament wins in volleyball. They have always been a monster. Even when I thought Nebraska would have a rebuilding year, Cook has exceeded my expectations. Even with what Stanford has coming in, I believe Nebraska will be right with them.
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    OK.....push comes to shove....

    I would be all my life savings the SEC pays players. I'm sure it happens to a degree at every college. Laremy Tunsil admitted to taking money in his interviews after being drafted. As Solana Beach mentioned, there are other examples out there.
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    Randy Gregory: Suspended Again

    I like how you responded without answering my question. Porn is addictive for people. As I said before, there is a big difference between a physical and psychological addiction. People enjoy the feeling they get from weed, but they are not physically addicted to it like heroin. If people stop...
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    Randy Gregory: Suspended Again

    Are you saying it is addictive like alcohol is addictive? That has messed up peoples lives. Or are you saying it is addictive like heroin? There is a big difference and I'm just looking for clarification.
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    Liberty hires Hugh Freeze

    That is some nice revisionism. McCaw resigned because he was caught up in everything. His zero knowledge is simply untrue. This was shown when text messages between McCaw and Briles. In one particular when Briles said the police agreed to "Keep it quiet." McCaw responded with "That would be...
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    WOW! How much longer is John Cook going to coach?

    There was an article a few years back that talked about how Cook was looking to retire. This was before the Devaney Center was remodeled for volleyball. I don't remember all the specifics, but I believe he was getting somewhat bored and burned out. He was then offered a lot of input in the...
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    K_Y_E is completely right here. We've already gone through this before with both Utah and TCU. Sure they had some good seasons before moving to a P5 conference, but since then they are both perennial .500 teams. Utah just got lucky they made their conference championship game. TCU just got lucky...
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    7 straight games with 450 plus.. School record

    I agree with what you are saying, but one part you aren't taking into account is penalty yards. Especially early games, we had a lot of penalties like PI that allowed other teams to continue drives and get points instead of forcing punts. I believe if you take our offensive yards and subtract...
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    Stille and Freedom

    You can also look at USC recently. After Carroll left in 2009, they had Kiffin from 2010 to 2013 when he was fired mid season. Orgeron took over in 2013 for 8 games, then left before the bowl game and Helton coached it. Sarkisian was hired in 2014 and terminated in 2015 when Helton took over.
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    Bet Urbs is pissed

    I don't agree it is the right call. He isn't just leaving the team, he's leaving the university. Say what you want, but a college degree is still useful. I can understand his decision to leave the team if his plans are to get ready for the draft, but I don't understand how leaving college is...
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    Soccer Girls beat def champs P State

    I haven't really followed out women's soccer lately. It is great to hear they are doing well. Is Walker still the coach? They used to have some pretty talented teams in the 90's. I didn't like their strategy as much. They relied way too much on individual talent with 1 on 1 opportunities. It...
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    Coach like we have nothing to lose this week

    I don't see the coaches making a lot of changes. They are still trying to install their culture and system. Frost even mentioned in an interview, if the coaches make a lot of changes it sends the message they don't have confidence in what they are doing and teaching. That said, a coach should...
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    volleyball scouting report--late night W VBALL #1 BYU

    We played BYU a few years ago in the tournament. I think they beat us in 2014 to make the final 4. We then beat them in 2015. We also played and beat Washington both of those years in the tournament.
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    Looks like Frosty can add a NC to his already impressive resume!

    It is my understanding the NCAA does not officially endorse any championship team. NCAA football is the only sport the NCAA does not sanction a yearly championship event. They just document the claims from other sources, be it polls or teams claiming it themselves.