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    Nebraska parents to file lawsuit

    If you were going to file a lawsuit to try and force a season, where are you going to get the most support? UNC and the families of their team and the 3000 people that attend their games (just making that up). In a state that doesn't show any support for their college programs? Or a state with a...
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    Washington NFL

    I own a Hickory Crawdads hat.
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    The roar of the fan

    he could picture the scene.....
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    Artificial Putting Grren

    As an avid golfer, I have built a simulator in my garage, but have never put in a green though I have thought about it often. For putting, I really only want to practice making sure I can start a putt down my intended line for six feet. A simple mat can accomplish that. A friend of mine does...
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    Dr oz

    catch me outside?
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    Commercials that drive you nuts!!

    That is where you end up when you finish 2nd to Kelly Clarkson.
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    OBJ’s cash

    which makes him A. Hero for admitting the truth B. Jerk for jeopardizing teammates future eligibility
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    Smoked Prime Rib

    “Well done”, JaySker. But for anyone doing prime rib with high heat first, the reverse sear was a game changer for the consistent temp throughout.
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    Smoked Prime Rib

    I have cooked mine on smoker for about 5 years now - I've gone to reverse sear method, where i start at 275 and cook for around 3 hours depending on size. When gets to 120 degrees I throw it on the gas grill 500+ and let it get good caramelization(15 min). The result is pink edge to edge. Cook...
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    we need Jim Leavitt ASAP

    And the guy you’re promoting has been demoted from HC to DC to defensive analyst?
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    we need Jim Leavitt ASAP

    I wanted to go down that path too, but felt it was piling on.
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    we need Jim Leavitt ASAP

    Not that you ever had any credibility, but that statement means you’re either doing nothing but trolling or spout complete nonsense knowing nothing about football. Try googling Leavitt being fired from USF. His temper on the sidelines was very Bo like as well. Scrap that, nothing but trolling.
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    Myles Garrett.

    Am I the only one that immediately thought of Kick Ass on One?
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    OT: Greta Van Fleet

    I've been there three times I think in the last 3 years. I'm not big on the watch site experience, but it is a decent place with good turnout and service. Drawings for door prizes, discounts for Coloradans for Nebraskans.
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    OT: Greta Van Fleet

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    Bluffs teen who told police man tried to abduct her admits to fabricating story

    I’d be more likely to assume it is “help me, help me”
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    Broncos fans...HC is down to

    Lawrence isn't eligible for two more years. Well crap - not a fan of the choice. Hope I'm wrong. Giving a guy his first head coach job at age 60 is surprising. If he were great HC material wouldn't the opportunity have come before? Or is Fangio thinking one last adventure.... An article...
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    OT: Christmas Eats

    Did it that way for years. I’ve now reversed it to low and slow (250°) until the temp I want then sear in 500° oven. I’ve been using a traeger for the low and slow. Gets more even medium rare edge to edge.