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    OBJ’s cash

    Why would they do that when they're literally about to go to the NFL and make some serious cash already after winning a natty and clearly being the most talented team in football this past season? Dumb.
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    Expectations year 3 for Frost

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    Who will be our next 1st team all conference performer?

    Show me where Wandale Robinson is on the "first team All Big-Ten" list. Hell, show me where any Nebraska player is on this list. ...... I...
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    1995 NU Best Ever!! Period. EOD...

    There's no question the 1995 Huskers are the greatest team ever. LSU struggled with 3 teams in which 2 of them were not even in the top 10 and one of them was not even ranked. By the way, they only beat 5 top 10 teams not 7 like they like to erroneously promote. 1995 Nebraska didn't struggle...