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    What if Kevin Warren is actually making a genius-level play?

    With the vaccine available by year end or earlier; businesses and colleges will be opening. I wonder what political party hopes it will delayed or is already trying to discredit it or is discouraging people from taking it. By the way a popular college has had hundreds of cases test positive...
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    People are underestimating economic impact

    totally agree as well as increased depression,
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    Real QB Competition????

    Maybe the dumbest post yet. Do you really think Frost would sacrifice wins for any one QB. Let's talk after AM does win for US. Do you hate AM or Frost or both. They will all get their chance. Maybe you should request a special pass to observe all practices and then you can tell us all who...
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    Just back from the game

    Unless you are a coach your opinion means absolutely nothing. Nice job pouring salt on the win. Why so patronizing. The game was over when Luke came in. They gave up. I would love to take your bet on who starts next year, COACH.
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    Mills had 4 second half carries.

    Another coach I see who I am sure has either coached or played on Sundays.. This offense had a good game. AM had a good game and we played without WANDALE BUT LET US NOT GIVE ANY CREDIT TO A GOOD DAY FOR THE OFFENSIVE AGAINST A VERY GOOD DEFENSE. But hey, let's just stay negative. I will...
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    2021 QB prospect Dematrius Davis

    No I am one who wants to give AM and the team more than two years. I may be an asshole but you never answered my question. Are you a coach, a sports analyst or a player? You are more likely a sour person who sits on the couch and rants everytime a play doesn't go well.
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    2021 QB prospect Dematrius Davis

    Can you be any more negative. Your glass isn't half empty it is empty. Do you ever consider the feelings of the kids or their family. You were probably one of those fans, if I can call you one, that drooled over his first year performance. You are like some of the other doomsdayers that...
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    Concerns going up against Wisconsin

    Such fairweather fans. Did anybody think Illinois would beat them. We fumble twice and threw an interception and still beat them at their place. Hell, lets just Great fan support guys. You are a joke. You will all forget your nasty comments when Frost turns the tide.
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    2021 QB prospect Dematrius Davis

    Nice, you just have to berate AM. You couldn't hold his shoes, in your life or on the field if you ever played that is. If he were your son how would you like your unnecessary text. When his game comes back, and it will will apologize for stupid, uncaring post. You must think he has no...
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    Will we ever be able to recruit a ...

    post: 5589613, member: 6198"]top notch 5 star wide receiver to Nebraska like the ones playing at LSU and Alabama? Even Baylor had athletic, fast, able to run after the catch- wide receivers today. Why can we never recruit any of these top players to Nebraska? one and Manning is close as iS...
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    Solution to our pass rush woes

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    Solution to our pass rush woes

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    2AM will never play for a ranked Nebraska during his tenure

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    Don't buy it

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    And now we get to find out after this year where Frost's true loyalty lies.

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    Gebbia is transferring

    rather how he did it. Obviously he had been planning this What bothers me is he showed no concern in how his decision affects our now very thin QB position.U of California had a lot to do with. Good luck to him. What does he do if he doesn't start right away. Just wish he had allowed the...
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    Sean Callahan - No access to Husker Premium

    This is now a nightmare. No new articles or pictures all day. No access to Husker Premium. I have tried everything including multiple call to customer care. I am paying for access but nothing has helped. I installed Chrome and reset Board Filters but no difference.
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    Admin Privileges?

    Where are they and what should they be? I...
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    New Format - Sean or Nate

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    New Format - Sean or Nate

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