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  1. Pitt State

    Chiefs - Titans

    Chiefs should have called a timeout before the fake punt. Chiefs offense needs some first downs to end this game.
  2. Pitt State

    CB for Fidone.. he and family loves Nebraska!!

    Even if a player gets drafted to a warm climate team, they’ll most likely have to play an opponent on the road during the regular season or playoffs when it’s winter conditions. A player isn’t going to tell his coaches, I’m sorry, I can’t go to New England this weekend for a playoff game...
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    Russell Wilson vs. Lamar Jackson

    The commentator said that the Ravens were the best team in the regular season. The key phrase “The regular season.” Your right though. Have to step it up & prove you can win in the post season.
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    Russell Wilson vs. Lamar Jackson

    Jackson throws a pick. Laughing
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    Keyshawn Greene N!!!!!!!

    Imho, Any thread created that has Iowa in it should be locked & deleted immediately. :Cool:
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    Commit from Iowa

    I would still want to get my top in state talent on board as soon as possible. If an offer does come down later, it may be too late. Plus, as stated earlier by herk90, they know for a fact he was told at the end of his senior season he would not be offered. Who can argue with that fact? o_O
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    Commit from Iowa

    Isn’t it a teams goal to keep top in state talent? Why wouldn’t Iowa want the kid? Possibly trying to get higher ranked kids at that position. All I can say is welcome aboard young man!!!!
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    Indiana Sucks...

    Because they don’t. If Indiana wins, they are bowl eligible. Nebraska’s chances at that point for a bowl bid is slim. I hope Nebraska is ready because Indiana will be.
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    Honestly, all three are winnable. Really want a win against Iowa though.
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    Hopefully, during the bye week they can get some things figured out. I still think they can beat Indiana & Maryland & get to 6 wins & a bowl.
  11. Pitt State

    South Alabama

    I guess I would be in that category. However, I do read a lot of posts. It seems like a lot of posters on here know a lot more information than I do. I don't want to comment on things that I don't know a lot about like Iowa fans do. :p
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    ESPN Commentators that hate Nebraska

    Yes it was. Couldn’t stand him. Wished Trev would have back handed him.
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    POB making first start

    It’s too bad things didn’t work out here. Good luck to him at CSU.
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    Let me ask this....

    Would love to have another shot against them in a bowl. Time will tell.
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    Let me ask this....

    Holiday Bowl in San Diego.
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    NCAA Tournament

    Kansas St. lost to UC Irvine.
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    Recruiting updates...

    Are the staff going after a grad transfer as well?
  18. Pitt State

    Official Burkhead vs SUH thread

    Next year :)
  19. Pitt State

    Official Burkhead vs SUH thread

    They’ve been on the field quite a bit in the 2nd half.