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    Not sure it’s on a plate more now for NU to rejoin big 12

    The Big 12 will not be playing football this fall,that is my thoughts, especially now with a reported 9 O.U. players testing Covid 19 positive.
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    Covid Cases & College Football

    My concerns are with MIS-C and how it is related to COVID-19.
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    This is stupid. Go SEC

    Really,I have friend whose Grandfather died from it and another friend who is currently recovering from it,he said he has never felt so bad,hard to breathe and every muscle and joint is painful.Talk to the families of the 500+ who died last week in Florida and ask them what they think.I am...
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    Will a women's sports league ever rival a men's sport in viewership - Poll

    Woah,hold on their bud,from Seward ? Better Seward than a fat**** from York,just saying.
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    What kind of protection do you wear?

    I am required to wear a mask at work ,10-12 hours a day 6-7 days aweek.Something you just have to do so.....suck it up buttercup.
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    Totally OT: What's Your Favorite Breed of Dog?

    Rottweiler,I have one now and have owned them in the past,big lovers.
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    Schools announcing plans to begin practice

    Communism ? For God sakes,this isn't communism.
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    Schools announcing plans to begin practice

    Doesn't really matter,NCAA will not be letting some schools practice until ALL schools are open and can practice.
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    This season

    WTF,the first wave didn't happen ? Tell to the families who have lost a loved one,I know someone who has. This season won't happen. Tell
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    OT - Say Something Positive About Iowa

    First off, congratulations to Nebraska Men's Wrestling program on winning their 1st National Championship and as for Iowa congratulations on finishing 2nd.
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    Wife works in healthcare...calm down people

    The Toilet paper thing ,I believe,is related to how Italy is,stay in place ,so if you have to stay home you will need something to wipe your ass with for 2 plus weeks.Me personally have not bought extra.
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    Wife works in healthcare...calm down people

    Oh please fool this has nothing to do with anti-trump,this has to do with the mortality rate.
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    Why is everyone so cranky?

    Won ? You mean they cheated !
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    2020 schedule...

    Agree,6-6 is how I see the best scenario.
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    2020 schedule...

    9 of those teams went bowling this year .
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    OT Sam Wyche passes

    That was a classic !
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    Two Favorite Nebraska Bowl Wins (National Champions Excluded)

    1973 drubbing of Notre Dame was a good one but I would say the 1969 Sun Bowl win over Georgia was my favorite,the win that started it all in my opinion.
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    It isn't Scott Frost, it is Nebraska.

    Agree totally,this is what we have get behind or get the **** out of the way,just saying,it is what it is,support this program or **** off.
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    After Frost was hired, if somebody would’ve told you that after two years...

    I can tell you this,I guarantee they win 8 plus games next,put that down.