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    Guys and gals...

    Brent Venables was hired to run the defense. He is also a excellent recruiter. Last year, Clemson gave him 5 years and 11 million to not leave for a head coaching gig. Venables was on the Oklahoma staff when they actually played defense in the 2000's.
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    Zachary Evans

    kid sounds like Antonio Brown 2.0
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    Matt Rhule leaving Baylor for the NFL

    Pat Shurmur was 9-23 as the Browns head coach in 2011-12.
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    Air fryer

    I was skeptical but I put some marinated streak tips in mine for 7 minutes and they came out great. I also put the Trader Joe's hot wings in my air fryer and it's the only way I eat them.
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    Watching FSU and Miami in the bowls...

    The problem is unqualified know nothing administrators are making horrible hirings and think schools recruit themselves. They do until the winning stops... Look at the current landscape including interm: Diaz is the 5th HC in a decade at the "U". FSU is on #4 since Bowden, Michigan is on #3 in a...
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    Off the beaten path coaching question

    When you hire a Nick Saban or Urban Meyer, you're not hiring a coach you are hiring a top to bottom football operations/organization. There willingness and ability to try new techniques and strategies while having an keen eye for up and coming coaching talent is why they are outliers in the...
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    Oregon Uniforms are ultimate recruiting tool!

    Alabama hasn't dabbled since 2010 when Nike did the pro combat uniform program towards the end of that season. The pants were the only noticeable difference from what they wear every week. I think they wore them 2 times.
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    Richt stepping down at Miami

    It was a head scratcher that they hired him to begin with. His 14 year body of work at UGA showed that no matter how much talent he had, his teams were going to find a way to lose 3 or 4 games every year while playing in the SEC Least division.
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    Best selling throwback jersey by state

    Nebraska - Steve Carlton? What is the connection? This post was edited on 3/25 8:42 AM by yankeesgiants
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    Kentucky has a chance at starting the season 30-0... Did you know...

    Cauley-Stein is not skilled, he is athletic. He is only effective in transition. His sidekick Karl Anthony Towns is the guy.
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    James Winston ran a 4.97 40...

    Left Mooch speechless. Now on to Camp Gruden. This post was edited on 2/23 11:33 AM by yankeesgiants