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    Oliver Martin from Iowa is in the transfer portal now too.

    Hey that was totally uncalled for,I actually like Casey's pizza.
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    Do You Think We’ll Play???

    Ain't happening,not college anyways.Pro ? I say 75-25 they play.
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    So if a player tests positive during the season

    Dig that bunker deeper,you're a fool if you think the election will somehow change the infection rate .
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    Washinton Redskins changing team name

    Maybe The Trailer Park Trash Honkey Ass Buck Toothed Morons !
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    Washinton Redskins changing team name

    Redskins is a derogatory name,no different than the N-word,Chiefs and Indians not so much.
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    Odds the season isn't cancelled

    I don't think there will be college football this season.
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    OT: Greatest NFL Player of all time

    Jim Brown or Chuck Bednarik.
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    SI: Why is College Football Attendance Tanking?

    Exactly,I remember when there were only 2-3 games a year on T.V.,the only way to watch the huskers play was to buy a ticket and even then you may have to go to an away game,hell we bought K-State season tickets just to go watch the Huskers play them.
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    OT: Mystery drones across Nebraska

    6 foot wing span,running in groups of 8 -20.Doing grid patterns,speculation is a Oil and Gas company mapping for drilling but so far no one has come forward to claim ownership !
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    Kirk Ciarrocca to PSU

    He said he likes gladiator movies and scantily clad men !
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    I grew up in York...

    Sorry to hear about being from York,not everyone can be from Seward !
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    Can someone post twitter pic of Fleck and uncomfortable recruit?

    Looks like he's sizing up his ear hole !
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    Slusher to Arkansas

    Damn,oh well.Once he hears that pig suey chant he'll realize he made a huge mistake,just like Dana Altman!
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    OT: Goodbye Mrs. Boxes

    I am so very sorry for your loss.
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    Nate Stanley working with cold, wet balls this week.....

    "It does have a little wang to it "
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    Nate Stanley working with cold, wet balls this week.....

    I heard he also was practicing throwing passes !
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    Any news on Wandale Robinson’s availability for Maryland game?

    Nope,won't play.Done for the year !
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    Myles Garrett.

    Garrett should be suspended for the year but banned for life ? What about the cheap cut blocks that ruin a players career ?
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    Myles Garrett.

    So what about jack tatum's hit on darrell stingley ?
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    Myles Garrett.

    oh please,that wasn't a cheap shot !