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    Just how political is B1G football?

    Your guys r getting as bad as the nfl. Let’s talk sports
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    Players can wear social justice patches on jerseys

    R you saying what I said is not true?
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    Anyone having problems taking cash out of banks?

    Wish I had some money in my account to take out or some to put in the bank.
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    Players can wear social justice patches on jerseys

    Be careful you question the left and you will be a racist
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    Adrian Martinez named a top CFB 'bounce-back' candidate for 2020

    AM has a good year so does the Huskers
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    Washinton Redskins changing team name

    Maybe they should tear down the statue that would fix them
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    Kylian Hill transfer?

    Why didn’t it bother him when they recruited him.
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    LSU football has over 30 positive COVID-19 tests....

    The news isn’t getting better when it comes to the virus and sports. I was hoping this fall we would be past this horrible problem. A couple of weeks ago I thought we would have college and high school sports but now I don’t think it’s going to happen. I hope I am wrong.
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    OT: Guns recommendation

    If you have very little experience with guns a defense shotgun would be my first choice. Don’t get a rifle not very practical. What every you get take lessons and explain the situation to your kids.
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    Bob and Doug

    That’s what they told Columbus
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    Spielman Oregon State Helmet

    He needs to go we’re he is happy. It would of been nice to have jd back. Good luck to him.
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    SI - BO

    Pelini can coach he just couldn’t control his temper. He didn’t realize that part of his job was putting up with the media. He didn’t handle criticism very well. Maybe some day he will get past these things.
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    First Husker Memory?

    In the late 60s my first Nebraska- Oklahoma game. Field was grass and I never seen anything so cool. Unfortunately we lost. And yes I am old.
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    Ben Sasse commencement speech

    Was he drunk or high or both
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    JD spielman

    That’s chicken shit blaming AM, receivers take a beating. JD is a great player that’s playing a tough guys game. Are you going to blame the line for all the shots AM took.
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    Will the SEC play

    I think you will have fall sports. I don’t no about people in the stands. You will have a few governors try to stop the games but they will get over ruled. I am not saying I agree one way or the other but it would be a really boring fall if there is no sports.
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    Could Zach Evans be Frosts 1st 5 star?

    Some do and some don’t. There has been plenty of players that had baggage and turned out ok. Kids make mistakes.
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    Eduardo Andre picks Nebraska

    Great news for the bb team. He fits Fred’s offense and likes to play defense.
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    Could Zach Evans be Frosts 1st 5 star?

    Make Lincoln his home and give him the ball!!