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    What if Kevin Warren is actually making a genius-level play?

    Los Angeles County Public Health Director said their schools would not open until "after the election". Clearly some "leaders" are using the virus for political purposes to hurt the President because from a virus perspective as you say nothing will change after election day.
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    N v. BIG is getting more fun by the day ...

    When football decisions become political then it isn't really out of bounds. Did you hear the Los Angeles County Public Health Director say this week schools would open AFTER the election? Is it a stretch to say decisions here were made with the same political lense?
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    I own stock in Draft Kings so pick them! lol
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    Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren under scrutiny

    "Even Harvard has its contrarian professors." All 3 of them.
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    Warren on B1G Reasons for Cancellation. WTH!?!?!

    This is an attempt to distract from their bad decision, you are correct it will never happen and they know it.
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    Warren on B1G Reasons for Cancellation. WTH!?!?!

    Plus INDOORS where everyone agrees it is more likely to transmit the virus. B10's impression of Dumb and Dumber.
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    Warren on B1G Reasons for Cancellation. WTH!?!?!

    EXACTLY, The UN predicts 130 MILLION people face starvation by the end of the year. Cure is far worse than the disease.
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    Interesting Tweet Re-B1G Football

    It's laughable.
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    OT: In laws Covid story

    Person from the CDC said it was .1 per 100k for school age kids and below which he literally said was "one in a million".
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    Big Ten Meeting this morning - cancelling season?

    It is truly a woke virus. The medical "experts" lost me completely when they penned that letter that stated protesting, rioting and looting for Mr. Floyd was good and would not cause the virus to spread and that protesting lock downs was bad, would spread the virus and evidence of white...
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    Big Ten Meeting this morning - cancelling season?

    Don't do numbers, if you did you would have to look at the fact 250 THOUSAND Americans die each year from medical mistakes. Given the current climate no one should seek medial care.
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    Big Ten Meeting this morning - cancelling season?

    This is ridiculous. Look at how Sweden has done with no lock down. The UN estimates 130 MILLION people no face starvation by the end of 2020 because of lock downs. But bruh it was SO worth it to protest, riot and plunder.
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    The UN is now predicting 130 million people will be on the "brink of starvation" by the end of 2020 as a result of the virus lock downs and the resulting economic ramifications. The World Food Program calls the looming situation the "worst humanitarian crisis since WWII". I heard someone say the...
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    Kevin Lightner

    Yet some dude slept with her? Oh my.
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    Iowa's Insidious, Racist Regime Covered by ESPN

    I posted that on Twitter and someone responded that was taken right out of Marxist anti-capitalist propaganda which doesn't surprise me because the whole SJW bullshit all came from the Marxism oppression narrative. Marxists learned that workers never fell for their bullshit so they recast it to...
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    Pac 12 revolt?

    I wonder what the Title IX implications are of this. How can you pay the star QB more than the girl that sits the bench on the womens rifle team? You KNOW the feminists will demand equal pay.
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    OT: Vitamin D

    Zinc stops replication of the virus, getting inside the cell is the challenge and Hydroxychloroquine is what opens a pathway into the cell. I saw this on MedCram in early March. So taking Zinc alone doesn't stop the virus since the virus replicates insides your cells.
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    SI - Iowa

    What if someone said send you "back to the farm" or "Podunk Iowa".
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    Fauci: Back to saying No Football in the Fall

    Did you miss the letter from 1200 health care "professionals" that stated protesting racism was good, and protesting lock downs was evidence of white supremacy?
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    U of Houston suspending all athletic workouts

    Players are paid of course. If you don't think they are talk to a walk-on that actually has to pay for school, room and board.