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    Best way to start off the year.

    future for nebs ?? I thought they always looked into the past
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    Best way to start off the year.

    how bad does this make nebbie look ?
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    Drake Martinez

    don't think any Martinez in that family had the smarts to be at stanford
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    Brandon Wegher. Anyone remember this kid

    nebs has such a good reputation as to saying no..snicker snicker
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    Brandon Wegher. Anyone remember this kid

    neither drunk nor am I close to stupid ... you started with the ' waiting for Iowa fan to come in and brag about him even though Iowa had nothing to do with his development except for 1 season ' so I commented sarcastically that iowa ' ruined him' as I figured that would make you feel better
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    Brandon Wegher. Anyone remember this kid

    making a smart arse comment to your dumb arse comment dona
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    Brandon Wegher. Anyone remember this kid

    iowa tried to ruin him donahues 17 trying to win the da award tonight are ya ?
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    Why does our recruiting $uck so much?

    it doesn't suck .Neb still gets good players but it has to get the reputation of coaching players up, making them better , and I don't think neb has that going for them at the moment. players like to see that they have a chance to become even better than they are now after 4-5 years in a program
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    Should we be for Iowa in the Rose Bowl?

    most of you will be for Iowa but most that post here and like to be --------- will say no way. THE negative usually posts the most and it would be the same over on the iowa board in nebs played in it .. most real fans would root for neb , but most that post will say no way..that's just how...
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    Classless Iowa fans at game day

    lived in both .. no comparison , well sort of with decent people .. but living in Iowa is better .. sorry its the truth.. better taxes, education level is higher , more higher level institutions , nice natural lakes , lots less crime
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    Tim Dwight standing next to Johnny Rogers....

    so funny.. not really much of a point tho. I think everyone knows that the poster means . not many teams can beat the lineup of Rodgers Collins Peters Phillips Lewis Fryar Incognito no need to go on
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    Before the Iowa game...What did you think...

    hawks did play rather bad today but did what they have all year .. they did what was needed
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    Congrats Iowa!

    good post .. as we have found in most big 10 fans, the majority are good fans, the minority post without names and make their respective fans look bad ..all teams have them
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    Do you think Mr. and Mrs. Bazata are ashamed of Nathan since he doesnt play for the Huskers?

    wow simply put a similar poster good luck Friday and beyond
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    Will Iowa still be ranked after they finish 11-3?

    dang tough crowd indeed ..sort of like the Minnesota gophers .. tough, nasty , nameless people on message boards, but all were real nice in person and even apologetic about their own message board comments .. I do believe that is common in many places. and yes , most 11-3 teams are ranked at...
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    OT - Texans game

    dumb initial post.. there was a husker fan at the Rams home game the other day and he couldn't understand why they didn't try a field goal when they punted on their own 25
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    NU opens -1

    wis qb really struggles and a bunch of rookie OL ... Neb gets this one by double digits
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    Not Seeing A Prediction Thread

    neb 34 Miami 23
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    Suspended Players

    nebbie rolls the canes today