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  1. B3Vandy

    Virtual Classes in the fall

    Online College is a last resort. It doesn't work. Students don't learn as much, aren't motivated, and have zero social interaction. Phoenix Online BS BS BS.
  2. B3Vandy

    Game Predictions - Ohio St

    The big question is Nebraska's OL vs Ohio State DL. That is what really concerns me, as a Husker Fan. Our overall D is pretty strong, and we actually have a good QB backup this year (thank you). I fear that OSU will win by 21, but it depends on turnovers.
  3. B3Vandy

    Depth Chart?

    Looking at the Depth Chart, we have a freshman Center with a freshman Center backup. We have a freshman WR. Adrian is a stud, but he'll have to be with an untested OL. The D is mostly Seniors and looks really good with the DE Davis Twins and the 340 lb Daniel brothers at NT.
  4. B3Vandy

    Nebraska has lost talent . . .

    I wish that the Huskers had either hired Frost 3 years earlier, or kept Bo for 3 more years. Anything to ERASE the memory of the WORST coach in Husker history...……...MIKE SMILEY. Insanely bad.
  5. B3Vandy

    We will be fine. If you think it's "the end"...

    The Huskers need TIME to install Frost's system. Our O-Line is not up to Pipeline standards. We don't have the depth and talent to adequately protect Martinez. We don't have a Blackshirt D-Line, and really don't have ONE single stud that other teams have to worry about. Give FROST at least 2...
  6. B3Vandy

    Bunch is not a Division 1 QB

    What College Football team can lose their Top 2 QB's and win a game with a walk on?? We are 3-0 with Martinez in there, and no rain-out. Go Huskers. Go Vandy.
  7. B3Vandy

    Gebbia is transferring

    Could we have put them both as No. 1, using the OR strategy? Would Gebbia have stayed IF we had made him Co- #1 ? I wonder if that would have made the difference.
  8. B3Vandy

    Gebbia is transferring

    He'll probably transfer to Oregon State.
  9. B3Vandy

    Tanner Lee

    Just keeping it honest, but Tanner Lee came into the Nebraska program with some big expectations. He ended up being a flop. He was not a good QB for the Huskers.. I am glad he is gone, but wish him luck in his future endeavors.
  10. B3Vandy

    Mario Goodrich decommits today

    Blame Perlman and Eichorst for GROSS mismanagement resulting in having to let go a coach who was NOT even qualified to take over one of the best Football programs in the nation. Shame on these Lawyers for putting themselves above the fans of the game. Please take all of their pensions and...
  11. B3Vandy

    If Riley is retained

    There is ZERO chance in hell that Riley will be retained!!! Nebraska is going to allow the new AD to personally fire Riley, and choose his own new Coach. Riley is already GONE.
  12. B3Vandy

    From the year 1999 to the present which huskers recruit is the biggest bust

    Shawn Eichorst..........recruited by Harvey Perlman!!!!
  13. B3Vandy

    Eichorst was a nice guy in a mean sport

    You are obviously misinformed. Nebraska currently ranks LAST scholastically in the Big Ten. Nebraska cannot even win Big Ten games when it has set the lowest bar for football admission standards?? Eichorst was a lame lawyer who thought he should manage the world's best college football...
  14. B3Vandy

    Lawyers hiring Lawyers.....Perlman and Eichorst!!!!!!

    What the hell do EITHER of these Lawyers know about football??? NOTHING. "Absolutely NOTHING, say it again". God Save Husker Nation!!!!!!
  15. B3Vandy

    Shawn Eichorst- Riley is 100% Your Pick!!!!!!!

    We could have really gone after ANY good coach, but NO. You, alone, behind closed doors came out quickly and picked a total average Coach. You were tired of the drama and the crap you got back from Bo and you wanted zero drama. Fine. You got zero drama. But now, the product on the field...
  16. B3Vandy

    Do you feel better or worse?

    We aren't dominating on the OL, and our QB makes some bad decisions. However, we do have a lot of good players who can make plays. It's a shame we lost so much talent on the DL, but the Davis twins are filling in nicely. We have essentially had Martinez for 4 years, and Armstrong for 4...
  17. B3Vandy

    Got in!!!

    Good luck to the Huskers!!!! Beat Ok State and Clemson, then SC. Meet Vanderbilt in Omaha!!! Hope my favorite 2 teams get there.
  18. B3Vandy

    Thurston, Williams, Mcmullen gone

    JUCO DT time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. B3Vandy

    Manziel's Status

    Johnny who?
  20. B3Vandy

    Any way we can pick up Jordan Elliott DT??

    Read that he just de-committed from Michigan, and has visited Nebraska?? Would be nice to get a 4 Star DT!!! GBR.