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  1. WDMHusker

    Local Media

    I heard talk specifically called rumors on the shows. There is a big difference between talk shows and news in my mind.
  2. WDMHusker

    Local Media

    Can you link the news story about that? I missed it. I do remember reading he was accused of having too many drinks at a booster function by someone who said they were there and the media asked about it. Of course the media wasn't at that function so all they could do was following up on leads...
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    Local Media

    Except we did see criticism of the athletic department and head football coaches from the World Herald in the Pelini and Riley years. At first everyone rolled their eyes or said they had it out for DONU. Most people now agree much that criticism was right on. We need to hear ideas that are in...
  4. WDMHusker

    Local Media

    Of course we can disagree. I think he should have been told the day before. If we stop paying for journalism, even if biased and imperfect , we are left with propaganda. That's where we are headed in this country because of rage at the media .
  5. WDMHusker

    Local Media

    I think you believe in conspiracies
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    Local Media

    They asked the university about rumors that started on message boards like this. I can't recall stories about him being passed out in bars. I don't see how the smashing success of a universally praised hire means Moos is perfect. Reasonable people can disagree about how Miles was left hanging...
  7. WDMHusker

    So, the Pelini Cornhusker basement story is made up, eh?!?

    He was banned from the Doris Bair softball complex for going off on umpires when his daughter played there. Perspective he does not possess.
  8. WDMHusker

    Will Honas

    Hello?!? Ant Man?!?
  9. WDMHusker

    player eligability

    Also depends on the level. At DIII the clock used to stop if you weren't enrolled full time, though it may have changed. I heard they don't allow redshirts anymore unless you're injured. NAIA may also stop the clock for non-full-time students.
  10. WDMHusker

    New Offers

    Is Austin in a walking boot? Injured in the post game celebration Saturday?
  11. WDMHusker

    Let the speculation begin

    He could go play at a juco next year and have 3 years to play wherever he wanted. I hope he stays though. POB wouldn't likely have the JUCO option at all if he has too many credits.
  12. WDMHusker

    Davison to Associate AD

    You have the trust of the head football coach and are someone Husker fans automatically want to get close to because you made one of the top plays in Husker history during a national championship season? YOU'RE JOHNNY ROGERS?!?
  13. WDMHusker

    No cable install news but..

    Okay I misunderstood. I thought you meant Lars is intentionally sabotaging the process. Others have said he has it out for Frost because of LP. Even if he does dislike Frost I find it ridiculous he is sabotaging the process for that reason. He's reporting what he knows because he's a...
  14. WDMHusker

    who belives this lol

    Thanks to Al Gore's invention, it's possible to search for houses in Lincoln without actually being in Lincoln. I can attest to this phenomenon by personal experience.
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    Matt Davison

    His long NFL career that included leading the league in tackles one year may have qualified him to analyze game film.
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    No cable install news but..

  17. WDMHusker

    No cable install news but..

    Smh at people who think journalists shouldn't report news
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    We thought we were bad hiring former players

    Because being a great player ensures one will be a great coach, just like Magic Johnson and Ted Williams (his head is still frozen somewhere I think) and Wayne Gretzy and Bart Starr.
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    It’s happening...

    The amount of money they make is irrelevant other than they are worth whatever aomeone is willing to pay and it means they won't struggle economically after they are fired. It does say a lot about the priorities of our society though when professions like social work don't make a living wage...
  20. WDMHusker


    He was. Miles backed out because of the report