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    Why do most other fan bases not see it?

    Anybody who does what Fitz has done at Northwestern is a pretty damned good football coach. Michigan and the Green Bay Packers appeared to think so when they offered him their coaching positions.
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    What move to B1G has meant for NU

    Rutgers and Maryland have not been getting full revenue shares. They have been floated some loans, which will have to be paid back out of their future shares.
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    ESPN has us at 10-2

    Always love fans (and they can be found in all fan bases) who are only losing games because their QB throws interceptions etc. Part of playing football well is avoiding turnovers. Gee, if our offense had scored more points we would have won the game!
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    Safe to say the Northwestern Head Coach isn't impressed with

    Northwestern folks are pretty smart. Thanks, Captain Nick. Look, no Northwestern fan thinks we're going to turn into some sort of Ohio State, Michigan or SEC-style powerhouse. We do have some hurdles (such as trying to recruit smart kids and graduating 98-99 percent of them), and most of us...
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    Safe to say the Northwestern Head Coach isn't impressed with

    Northwestern has had a lot of trouble with OSU and Michigan as have most teams in the B1G over the years. The Cats had 20 years of an administration that virtually didn't care a fig about football, which didn't help. On the other hand, we've done quite a bit better against Wisconsin and Iowa...
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    Rewatching the Northwestern game...

    That's right. We had a better team than Wisconsin last year. They had a better team than us the other years. My team isn't "lucky" if your team had a down year. It's incumbent on you to have a better year. We've now been lucky in 15 of our last 18 Big Ten games. So if we're horrible and win 2-3...
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    Rewatching the Northwestern game...

    Well, tell you what. You have to beat whom they put on the field in front of you. If you beat Northwestern this year, I guess it will be because we're having a "down" year — or maybe it will just be because you had a pretty good team.
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    Rewatching the Northwestern game...

    OK, didn't think that was anything in that post that should have been particularly offensive to Nebraska fans. I don't spend a lot of time here. We have regular posters from other schools on the Northwestern board, as long as they're not jerks about it. I won't be posting a lot of things on...
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    Rewatching the Northwestern game...

    Ummm, okay? What part of my statement is untrue? Are you really a defensive coordinator?
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    Rewatching the Northwestern game...

    Actually, Northwestern's run defense was significantly better than average for the past couple of seasons. I'll give Nebraska's QB credit for running the ball well that game. We held B1G opponents on average to about 110 yards a game. Taylor of Wisconsin had under 100 yards on us. We were...
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    Rewatching the Northwestern game...

    The past is not a predictor of the future. Making predictions about Nebraska or Northwestern University (NU) based on past performance or non-performance doesn't make a lot of sense. Frost might well produce the next Nebraska dynasty, or he might not. You certainly have the tradition and fan...
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    Should the CFP really be expanded to 6 or 8 teams?

    (1) Doubtful a team with multiple losses (meaning more than two) is going to make an eight-team playoff in an average year. (2) So what you're saying is playing patsies in the OOC schedule is the way to go? Whatever.
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    Should the CFP really be expanded to 6 or 8 teams?

    In an eight-team playoff with three at-large teams, rankings would definitely matter. The problem right now is that rankings are ALL that matter. There is no incentive for any team to play strong OOC schedules because sometimes you're screwed by a single loss.
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    BIG teams implicated

    It wouldn't necessarily have to involve a coach. Apparently this guy was trying to recruit players to represent them. If that got out to Fitz, I guarantee the brakes would be put on it very quickly.
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    BIG teams implicated

    There's been a good deal of speculation on the Northwestern board about whom this guy possibly could have paid off on our team during the time period mentioned. It's not as if we were a pipeline to the NFL within that period.
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    Maryland is damn good. That game is really not a huge surprise. And the Terps also field one of the youngest lineups in Division 1.
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    I'm pretty sure the people sitting on the jury that sent his sorry ass to prison were Pennsylvanians.
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    So the moral of the story is that if you're going to cheat, do it for the entire student body, not just the athletes. That's about as lame as it gets.
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    Nebraska Listed as Most Surprising Recruiting Class

    Given how the conference is configured now, Nebraska and the other teams in the West don't necessarily need to out-recruit OSU and Michigan on a regular basis right away. For starters, recruit well enough to win the West and get into the title game. The West hasn't been successful in the game so...
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    Misery football banned from postseason play for 2019-2020 academic year

    And not much seems to have happened to Michigan State for a sex scandal that in some ways is as bad or even worse than the one at Penn State. As you probably know, the interim president there recently had to step down because he said that some of victims appeared to be enjoying their "fame" too...