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    Is Iowa our Rival? According to TO, they are not...

    Ironically, this thread (along with a few thousand like it on Hawkeyereport) prove the rivalry is real. Ratings were also pretty good considering it was FS1.
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    Iowa looked good again today

    So you're saying you love the school, the coach and the players, it's just the fans you hate. It's nice to see people filled with the Christmas spirit. We need more of that in this world.
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    Amazing Iowa defense stat

    did you post it or was it someone else ???
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    Certain posters...

    nothing stalkerish going on here, move along
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    So you're saying they hate Ferentz and find Stanley boring?
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    10 things we learned from Nebraska's loss to Wisconsin - Husker Board version

    Another person who doesn't have CNN. Kudos.
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    Iowa, Minn, or Wis?

    Won't need that win for your scenario to play out. KF could lose out the season and Gary Barta would suck on his toes in public. The guy is so devoid of standards he's probably trying to get Steven Ferentz appointed to the board of Burisma Holdings.
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    Iowa, Minn, or Wis?

    before midnight we'll know more 'bout my math skillz
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    Iowa fans invading Lincoln

    IIRC Hawkeyes are 100% inside the red zone. Too many FGs is the problem. Which is your point of course.
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    Should have never left the Big 12

    The thread wasn't too promising, then this happened.
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    Nebraska's rebuild is more similar to Wisconsin than most realize

    I kinda see where you are going with this. McClain's Badgers were respected. Then they fell off a cliff after he died. Pelini's Cornhuskers averaged 9 wins, then Riley tanked the program. You see Frost as Barry Alvarez. Nothing's impossible. But Alvarez is one of the most respect people in...
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    Iowa, Minn, or Wis?

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    This is Scott Frost's fault-

    Anyone who did not laugh out loud at this does not have a fine sense of humor
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    Iowa, Minn, or Wis?

    I'm a mathboi wisky - 55% chance Golden rowers - 45% chance Fighting Ferentzez - 35% chance In reality, with the drought Minny has experienced (what's it been? 60 years since they won a title?) it almost feels like they are catching lightning in a bottle. Yes yes, I know they have no...
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    Mo Washington

    Did they seal the records?
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    Quote of the season (so far) from Adam Rittenburg......

    That's a fair comment in general. When I complain about anything in life I offer a solution as a follow-up. Most people don't. It's always been a problem, but in the last 20 years the size of the epidemic has over-whelmed the West and probably set it on a path that will make it subservient to...
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    Personally, I think it is insulting when a competitor pulls his punches. It's a bigger sign of disrespect.