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    $$$ Nebraska has made in the BIG

    Not sure how much of the 10 billion dollars from the big ten academic alliance is funneled to Nebraska for research (each year), but it might be enough to make tv money for athletics irrelevant. Yes we got into the conference via football/sports, but we will probably never leave due to the big...
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    HC Scott Frost has serious cojones

    I think Frost's stance on playing, the unified front throughout the university on playing, in stark contrast to the rest of league, will pay dividends long term with recruits going forward. Regardless if we play or not, stay in the B1G or move to another conference, we are proving that we will...
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    Marvin Scott

    fwiw.. Curling 30's with alternating Isometric holds is more than adequate to build biceps, no matter what your size. Biceps are a relatively small muscle and mostly what comes from moving big weight on a dumbbell curl is terrible form (moving the elbow in front of the body and under the weight)...
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    Covid 8.0 no name calling

    We still don't have enough doctors, hospitals, and PPE to handle the herd immunity strategy... nor will we ever. Far less healthy population? We have better healthcare, which has prolonged the life of unhealthy individuals more than ever.. but make no mistake, our population is not healthier...
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    Covid 8.0 no name calling

    I think it is too early to say if immunity is a given if you have had the virus, and overall we still don't know enough about the long term effects of the virus. For example there has been some cases in South Korea where recovered patients (from Covid-19) have tested positive for the virus...
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    Covid 6.0

    30-60k with a vaccine, not being novel, and everyone going about their day as normal. An apples to apples comparison, Covid-19 would have been absolutely catastrophic. We are already at 10k in a month with social distancing, stay at home orders, restaurants closing, all events cancelled, all...
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    SI: Why is College Football Attendance Tanking?

    The average height for males in the US is actually 5'9" and 5'4" for females... we actually peaked in the mid 90's at 5'10" (for males) so it seems we are actually on the decline. In 1920 we were on average shorter but not that much.. no more than 2 to 2.5 inches. However I'd assume our...
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    Dawson has shown he doesn't want to be at Nebraska so why...

    Is cable installing still a thing?
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    McCaffrey's play

    He earned 3rd string... he earned the snap... next man up. That's how this works.
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    Meaningless Game

    While it wasn't at home, remember when Wisconsin stepped on a big stage against Ohio State when they had a point to prove in 2014? the final score was 59-0... that Wisconsin wasn't terrible, they were actually pretty good (ended the year ranked #13), but elite teams will make good teams look bad...
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    Meaningless Game

    On the surface this game looks bad, but I think it will ultimately give this team a very tanglible understanding of what it takes to be a champion and with that, I think next week Nebraska will look vastly improved.
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    NW next week

    or your having mental breakdown, who in the world starts talking about TCU basketball on a Nebraska football forum... jeans15... the Truth
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    Meaningless Game

    Clemson played nothing like Ohio State tonight... having talent is one thing, talent playing with passion, purpose and discipline is completely another. Clemson would have been slaughtered tonight by OSU, home or away
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    NW next week

    Is this guy drunk?
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    NW next week

    I think we will have a pretty good shot at Wisconsin as well as long as we play with discipline. They came back to earth a little bit today. When Ohio State turns it on, they make pretty much anyone look silly... in the not too distant past a road game against Michigan State and Big ten...
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    Something not commented on

    If we had the same refs that were in the Wisconsin-Michigan game, there would have been a few targeting penalities on Illinois.
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    #21.....all bark,no bite.

    Appreciate the high expectations for a talented player, but I don't think I've ever seen a player "make the play" or produce highlight every time they are in the position to do so (aka being human). He made a lot more plays than not and was one of the reasons we won. As far as being about...
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    Colorado-Air Force

    ehh Colorado always plays well against us no matter how terrible they are. I wouldn't read too much into this game. Oh and don't forget, we softened them up a bit, they are too sore to win.
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    >37 points this weekend?

    If we don't start scoring 70+ from here on out, I will be very disappointed.. we need to keep pace with Maryland!
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    2019 Blue Chip Ratio - National Title contenders

    Not saying we can win it without elite players (that's a given), but we are never going to get the volume of them as Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, USC etc. Not sure what is so hard to understand, we do not have a recruiting advantage compared to those schools, we didn't in...