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    Here's the latest CDC data.

    Hmm. That the equivalent of just under three BIG 10 football squads, not bad at all if it's not your team. :Cool:
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    Any real chance you guys leave Big10?

    Precisely the point. Did you miss my sarcasm?:Cool:
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    Any real chance you guys leave Big10?

    This seems to be a few synapses shy of a logical analysis.
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    Any real chance you guys leave Big10?

    Do you miss winning, too? The wins in B12 would come easier and you wouldn't have to play Iowa.
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    Nebraska is not a culture fit for the Big Ten. It's time to leave.

    The Big 12 sounds about right. Huskers have never been competitive in BIG 10 anyway.
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    Recruiting Trending Unfavorably

    Recruiting does not seem to be an issue for Nebraska now or in the past. The Huskers consistently get top 20 classes. It would be a "premature evaluation" to make any judgements on the current class as it's still very early in the process. Nobody ever gets all the prospects they want so there...
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    OT: COVID-19 news. Out of over 3000 positive tests in prison

    Hurry, somebody better tell trump.
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    Morning Trivia!!!

    Ord, NE with LINK to being recruited.
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    Most hated troll poll...

    If the Huskers continue the current trend and level of play, the Rutgers fans will start trolling the board and they can be added to the poll.
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    On the board. We're still in this. Now onside kick ;-)
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    ============== 20-0. Now you can mow the lawn.