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  1. Bucketmouth402

    Honest thoughts on Diaco?

    There is no reasonable reason to hire that quack. He has strain in the membrane.
  2. Bucketmouth402

    Coaching shakeup

    We need Papuchis.
  3. Bucketmouth402

    McConaughy Fishing

    Haven't spent much time on Lake Ogallala but I’ve fished both outlets (river and canal) and caught a lot of Rainbow trout. Been a few years though.
  4. Bucketmouth402

    Blaise Gunnerson...

    I wish I were as confident as some others about Blaise being N but I think that is going to a hard draw. Iowa State is 40 minutes or so from his home and his older brother is a walk-on for the Cyclones this year. I truly believe he likes it here but that has to be tough!
  5. Bucketmouth402

    Xavier Watts

    I think the difference is paying annually vs. monthly but I could be wrong.
  6. Bucketmouth402

    NU Coaching Candidates (

    I completely agree with that assessment. I would just think if that’s where we’ve landed it would be more beneficial to get the deal done and announce today Rather than get lost in all of the CWS news. Just my humble opinion though.
  7. Bucketmouth402

    NU Coaching Candidates (

    If it is Will Bolt, why wait to announce it? Is that supposed to be a major headline during the CWS? Not to many outside of Nebraska I wouldn’t think. Why not announce it today when you don’t have CWS or NBA headlines to compete with?
  8. Bucketmouth402

    NU Coaching Candidates (

    Don’t pay any attention to that guy. He’s like a monkey, he just slings poo until something sticks.
  9. Bucketmouth402

    Should Mo be kicked off the team?

    I can’t answer this quite yet. My opinion hinges on the California case. The paraphernalia charge alone, to me, isn’t a big deal. Add the weight of what happens with the case in California- if the final judgement is major, let him go. If the final judgement is minor they should let him stay with...
  10. Bucketmouth402

    Transfer portal inventory

    I wonder why Quayshon Alexander isn’t on the list. Maybe I missed it.
  11. Bucketmouth402

    We are bringing something different and unique to the site involving Terence "Bud" Crawford

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    Football Full recap of NU's Spring Football Press Conference

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    OT: Car help in Lincoln

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    Recruiting Final takes on All-American Bowl Huskers

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