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    Bad date stories

    I met a Tinder date once. Within 10 minutes, she’s telling me about all the terrible things that happened to her, including getting abused as a child. She was visibly and clearly depressed. I tried to raise the tone of the conversation, but soon I told her I wasn’t feeling a connection and I’m...
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    Legalize weed already...

    Yeah, I’m not sure how weed and injection go together.
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    Legalize weed already...

    I would be concerned if it’s enough of a problem to impact the field or classroom, but light use is more common. I think it should be legalized everywhere immediately, but I understand that is not reality. The first step in that progression is for local authorities to explicitly realize that...
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    WR William Nixon

    I think we would have taken Watts and Nixon, and we wouldn't have cared who committed first.
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    Shake up college football playoffs.

    I ignore any conference alignment talk that begins with 4, sixteen team conferences. It assures me that what follows is nothing more than the wishful thinking of the author.
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    Never hear about that with CU. They must be a bunch of Boy Scouts
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    FWIW: I appreciate the Texas Longhorns because ...

    Hopefully our better conference benefit remains intact and Texas stays out of the B1G
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    Lack of commits.

    Our on the field results have not been good recently, but we have reason to hope we are on the upswing and are striving to recruit accordingly. Quantity of recruits right now would probably come at the cost of quality. That will change once as the winning takes shape, and we get a bigger uptake...
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    PAC—12 Spring Game attendance

    Pac12 Spring game attendance so far. CU has a shiny new coach and their spring game is Saturday. Where will they rank on this list? The competition is stiff.
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    Jakheem green is N

    SEC will change their rule now. Probably over the summer.
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    Size on DL...

    I think fans should bone up on how to spell players’ names.
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    Yes! FH is N

    D Wade is kind of busy during basketball season. He stops by when he can, which happens to be football season.
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    It's warming up people...

    I disagree with you. It’s offensive. I don’t think you mean harm. But still.
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    OT: Good cheap burger in Nebraska?

    When you come to Boulder next September, stop in at the Dark Horse for a burger. That place feels like it has always been there and always will be.
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    When Riley was fired, we knew exactly when the post-season sit down was happening. We don’t know that with Miles, and that has me concerned.
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    Hoiberg N

    How much basketball success would it take to generate $2 million of added revenue?
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    Wisconsin QB transfer ??

    Say whatever you will, this doesn’t make Wisconsin better next year. This is not a case of addition by subtraction. Best case for Wisconsin is that it doesnt matter because Mertz steps in, stays healthy, and the true freshman plays better than a returning 3 year starter who won the vast...
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    Craig Kuligowski possible D line coach

    Promoting a QC guy you are working with and like to position coach makes a lot of sense. Promoting him all the way to OC or DC is a stretch. I think in CU’s case they were too cheap to spend the money to attract established coordinators. And maybe a touch of first time head coach wanting people...
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    Craig Kuligowski possible D line coach

    The CU Buffs hired two QC guys for their OC and DC. But they are CU. At least our DL coach has some relevant P5 experience.
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    Huskers/Adidas OL/DL Camp

    Get kids to this camp to get noticed and get ratings bumps, and they end up noticing what’s here. And it’s not during the dead of winter. If they are at all intrigued, they can have an expenses paid OV return trip with a game atmosphere. What’s not to love! Can Frost and staff interact and...