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  1. Charlie Marlow

    Could Crouch play QB in today's NFL?

  2. Charlie Marlow


    It's just a crap night for sports I guess.
  3. Charlie Marlow


    I think I'd rather watch Arkansas State and Appalachian State
  4. Charlie Marlow

    Living the dream-Five Finger Death Punch new video

    Vitamin D and masks
  5. Charlie Marlow

    Gregg Marshall

    Meanwhile, Penn State basketball coach resigned today after an internal investigation. I didn't see any details as to what was going on and I don't really follow Penn State basketball tbh.
  6. Charlie Marlow

    Ronald Thompkins is the #2 RB

    Man, tough crowd. Johnson played a few snaps as a true frosh in mop up duty. How did Mills look first half of the season?
  7. Charlie Marlow

    Gregg Marshall

    He's the biggest insufferable d***** and his wife is crazy drunk trash.
  8. Charlie Marlow

    BIG mayors sticking their noses into football

    The BiG TeN has already put plenty of measures in place. Honestly, this type of stuff is outside the BiG Ten's jurisdiction. The mayors, lo;cal health officials, etc can try to put out any additional measures they feel are warranted to control the spread of the virus in their local...
  9. Charlie Marlow

    College Football Nerds Nebraska at OSU

    All that may be true, but Justin Fields.
  10. Charlie Marlow

    Official NFL Power Rankings Week 6

    What makes these the 'Official' NFL Power Rankings?
  11. Charlie Marlow

    OT: Computer Question

    Lots of complaints about the new update. Should restore to before the update and wait for them to fix it
  12. Charlie Marlow

    2:30 kickoff central on FS1 for Wisconsin 10/31

    I feel like we win this one
  13. Charlie Marlow

    What are you drinking for the game?

    I usually drink Oktoberfest beers for the first few games
  14. Charlie Marlow

    MLB Playoffs

    Dodgers and Rays should be a good series. I’ll go with LA on this one. I’m just happy that the Asterisks lost.
  15. Charlie Marlow

    Official Prediction Thread- Ohio State

    Nebraska 10,062 Ohio State 27
  16. Charlie Marlow

    Nanny rules you would get rid of ??

    No helmets
  17. Charlie Marlow

    10 years ago today

    Taylor was healthy in that game. They did stack the box and we passed often to open receivers as our counter. We just kept dropping them over and over. Like a world record for dropped passes.
  18. Charlie Marlow

    Westside/St Thomas Acquinas

    No one cares what your high school did.RollingLaugh
  19. Charlie Marlow

    10 years ago today

    Always thought the ‘Red Out’ was a bad idea. And this was a Burks crew officiated game too. Key non-call on Texas first punt return helped set the tone. And of course a million dropped passes. Total mental block
  20. Charlie Marlow

    What does our punting situation look like?

    How about the Michigan State transfer?