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  1. huskerfan66

    Talent, Huskers 4th

    Winners of the West!!!! Wait the schedule.....,.
  2. huskerfan66

    LSU Self Imposes Penalties for Booster Payments

    Might be an insult to potted plants I just saw mwulf beat me to it 🙂
  3. huskerfan66

    DISH Network/Fox

    Still on my dish network
  4. huskerfan66

    LSU Self Imposes Penalties for Booster Payments

    $EC. $EC
  5. huskerfan66

    Gregg Marshall

    While I agree, he's milked the MVC. The bastard can coach but don't mean I've gotta like the guy. Personally he's a dick. But gets results. Would I want him for my program???????? In Hoiberg I trust
  6. huskerfan66

    My Covid Story

    My condolences
  7. huskerfan66

    What is an acceptable result @OSU?

    Can't wait until anything less than a win is unacceptable
  8. huskerfan66

    OT: Sasse Unloads

    Nope. Nada. Not one bit. He's truly just a front man.
  9. huskerfan66

    OT: Sasse Unloads

  10. huskerfan66

    OT: Sasse Unloads

    VERY true. There's a certain percentage that are unemployable or refuse to be employed
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    OT: Sasse Unloads

    WOW. Is Trump perfect. Heck no. But I beg to disagree with a lot of what you've said and that's fine. Trump is a business man and not a politician. A business man is brash while a politician is kissing babies while stealing their lollipops. I sympathize with the problems you've personally had...
  12. huskerfan66

    OT: Sasse Unloads

    I consider myself an uneducated white male...... because uneducated white males is what they label non democrats. But I think I/we have more real world smarts and common sense than the high society"well educated" lot
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    Or less. Huge difference between people croaking with vs from. I don't trust the tests. In our community we had several girls test positive after one went in with unrelated symptoms and got tested for the heck of it. Tested positive with no symptoms and wham bam now several girls positive. One...
  14. huskerfan66

    Terrible news

    It'll all be over the day after biden is declared president
  15. huskerfan66

    Andrew Rodriguez

    High school?
  16. huskerfan66

    Andrew Rodriguez

    That was on bumper stickers in the 80's. I can't take any credit for it except repeating. You probably have mentioned but what do you teach........ and your answer can't be students!!🙂
  17. huskerfan66

    Andrew Rodriguez

    Just to be clear, I wasn't responding to anything in particular that you said. Consequently why I didn't attach to any particular post. Just threw it out there!!
  18. huskerfan66

    Andrew Rodriguez

    There's an old saying. "Don't complain about the farmer with your mouth full"
  19. huskerfan66

    What ailments do you have?

    Not Tim the tool man but argh argh
  20. huskerfan66

    Nanny rules you would get rid of ??

    Agree with most. Holding should be anytime your hands leave the frame