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  1. PeliniTheCrutch

    Alright, here's the deal.

    Time to move on for this guy. Peace out boys. But GBR!
  2. PeliniTheCrutch

    Best #98 in Husker history

    For college basketball it’s Jose Ramos.
  3. PeliniTheCrutch

    Best #98 in Husker history

    I was going to put Demoine Adams sarcastically, but then I saw you put him down for real!
  4. PeliniTheCrutch

    Fastest Player on the Field

    Childs and Benning absolutely were not 4.4 guys.
  5. PeliniTheCrutch

    Thomas Fidone is N!!

    Iowa sucks.
  6. PeliniTheCrutch

    If TO had coached at Bama

    Is Ditka driving the bus?
  7. PeliniTheCrutch

    NE High School Football

    0/2 on receiving money on board bets, so I’ll pass on an official wager(nothing against you whatsoever). Gentlemen’s bet that we’ll talk about in a few years though.
  8. PeliniTheCrutch

    How we feeling about Fidone tomorrow?

    One thing about no football: LOTS of time for the staff to spend on recruiting
  9. PeliniTheCrutch

    NE High School Football

    Elkhorn North will win a state championship within 5 years. Mark it down.
  10. PeliniTheCrutch

    NE High School Football

    Kinda depends how many are in the immediate family that will be attending games. The voucher is for 4 people.
  11. PeliniTheCrutch

    Koby Bretz N

    This is the one Nebraska needs from Westside.
  12. PeliniTheCrutch

    Hunter Sallis - top 12 list

    Top 12? Hell, put out a top 50! Talk about thirsty for some twitter fans...
  13. PeliniTheCrutch

    After one week of classes Notre Dame already on lockdown

    There are seriously anti-vaxxers in this thread? Any Amish? Maybe some Scientologists?
  14. PeliniTheCrutch

    Here's the latest CDC data.

    Just bring your real thoughts to the table.
  15. PeliniTheCrutch

    Cancelling the season was the right decision

    I assume this will expose most of the real motives here...
  16. PeliniTheCrutch

    Best #13 in Husker history

    Corey McKeon
  17. PeliniTheCrutch

    Iowa Sucks

    Iowa sucks.
  18. PeliniTheCrutch

    Iowa Sucks

  19. PeliniTheCrutch

    $$$ Nebraska has made in the BIG

    You'll be missed.