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  1. TravisWalker

    Saucy Nugs

    Anyone working on shirts or hats??
  2. TravisWalker

    Fastest Player on the Field

    Riley Washington was pretty fast
  3. TravisWalker

    FYI on the Hoffmans

    This f’ing year sucks
  4. TravisWalker

    OT Does anyone know how much it would cost to dig a basement

    Just keep in mind after you dig it you have to finish it.
  5. TravisWalker

    Is anyone else excited

    To see what player or players comes out of this as leaders? I think that would say a lot about their work ethic and character!!
  6. TravisWalker

    OT- Post food receipes since a lot of us are cooking at home.

    Hormel chili! Shut’er down!!
  7. TravisWalker

    Stimulus package..

    Always bet on black.
  8. TravisWalker

    So where does Brady end up?

  9. TravisWalker

    Commercials that drive you nuts!!

    All of them
  10. TravisWalker

    Old School Candy Choice

    Salt water taffy!!
  11. TravisWalker

    OT - Say Something Positive About Iowa

    My sister and bro-in-law live there
  12. TravisWalker

    Your first car/truck

    1974 cutlass supreme
  13. TravisWalker

    OT. Sunglasses

    Went with the Maui Jim’s sports. Lighthouse something or other. Very flexible and lightweight. Polarized and all that stuff.
  14. TravisWalker

    Let’s hope this goes viral.

    It’s still hot and sizzling. They place the bacon on your plate with bare hands.
  15. TravisWalker

    Let’s hope this goes viral.

    Do the sin and ask for forgiveness later? Lol
  16. TravisWalker

    Let’s hope this goes viral.

    Let’s find out how worried y’all really are!!
  17. TravisWalker

    OT. Sunglasses

    I still have my old ones. I think they are about 6 years old and are starting to show it. I just cannot stand the glare I get from driving in the sunlight. I heard polarized will cut down on that.
  18. TravisWalker

    OT. Sunglasses

    In the market for some new ones and will be upgrading from the cheapos I have now. I want them to be polarized and light weight. Any recommendations??
  19. TravisWalker

    Huskers-Badgers BB

    Team forgot to come out of the locker room.
  20. TravisWalker

    Best innapropriate lines in movies.

    This one time at band camp....