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    Bet Urbs is pissed

    One less thing for Nebraska to worry about? You mean a bowl game?
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    On the road? Don't see it. The Flecksters will find a way to lose. Nebraska gets off he snide.
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    New DC

    On the plus side... the team managed to cut the total penalties in the game down to single digits. Baby steps...
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    B1G West is total trash

    I'm betting Delaney is reading the fine print to see if there's some rider that allows them to get out of the admission of Nebraska to the B1G. Along with Rutgers admission... may be the single, worst decision ever made by the conference office.
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    Minnesota vs Nebraska. ..will anyone besides the parents watch that pillow fight?
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    Many on this team have already quit.

    Let me get this straight... It's Riley's fault that this team is so bad. And the coach before Frost at USF doesn't get any credit for the team that Frost coached last season. Talk about making excuses.
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    Bunch is not a Division 1 QB

    Good spin. it wasn't. Nebraska reminds me of Springsteen. ..."Glory Days ".
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    Better than this

    Try and get Solich. Or drop down a division . Just trying to help :p
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    Martinez not built for Big10?

    Kleenex alert!
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    UCF sources saying Frost to Nebraska announced Saturday

    And... irrelevant. Don't forget irrelevant, at least outside of Nebraska.
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    Plan B: If frost falls thru

    Any coach in the B1G better be able to assemble a team that's above average on defense. If not... you won't contend for titles in this conference. If you think a coach that's offensive minded first is the answer... you will be greatly disappointed. Nebraska isn't in the Big 12 anymore.
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    ISU the real deal

    The Big 12...where defensive coordinators go to die.
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    Huskers open up 2 point Dog against Gophers

    Yep, and the visiting team has won the last six games.
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    So does Diaco still say...

    Quit acting like a dick! So ban me too, asshole!
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    NU 5 1/2 dog to Iowa on the road today

    Today is the last time that Nebraska will stay close vs Iowa. Iowa will own the next 3-4 years, at least.
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    Tyjon Lindsey is N

    And yet both those schools beat you again!:p
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    Savage. Banker fired over...

    When a HC is on the hotseat himself, friendships do not matter. It's every man for himself. A year from now... the AD will fire Riley the same way.:p