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  1. SDhusker12

    Bryson sticking with W

    No dispute as media reported from what I have been told. Couldnt offer him because Diaco didnt have the need based on numbers. Heard media talking how Riley wanted to offer and got vetoed so I asked a friend close to the situation and, apparently, it was a consensus not to offer.
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    Graduate Assistants question

    GAs can have up to 3 years.
  3. SDhusker12

    New Offers

    This is nuts! I feel like Scott Frost is Oprah and schollys are a new car lol. I am gettin hyped
  4. SDhusker12

    A video you don't want to miss

    Thanks for sharing! Is it fall 2018, yet? GBR!
  5. SDhusker12

    New Offers Going Out

    Are either one of these guys actually related to them? Was curious with the names if tgey were, in fact, family
  6. SDhusker12

    New Offers Going Out

    Okay so I keep seeing offers going out and am beginning to have trouble keeping up. Thought I would start a thread for any and all with info on new offers. Man Frost is hitting the recruiting trail fast! GBR!
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    I dont think he would string us along like this if he wasnt gonna take it. He understands the urgency of it I think and would respect that part of it.
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    Right, but considering Frost met with Florida already, plus his extension is still unsigned, adding that up makes it sound like good news for us.
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    Does not consider Frost "available" if their hc position becomes available. Hmmm wonder why? More good signs for us?
  10. SDhusker12 coaches already updated.

    Just out of curiosity, are the GAs part of the assistants or do they fall under a different category?
  11. SDhusker12

    Anyone notice how Moos...

    Definitely. Not sayimg he is Eichorst silent, but he just seemed quieter than when he got here. But I think that might just be change in media coverage of him
  12. SDhusker12

    Anyone notice how Moos...

    Gotcha, maybe Ive just been living under a rock lately!
  13. SDhusker12

    Anyone notice how Moos...

    Right, but outside of his regularly scheduled interview. Doesnt he go on the show every week? IDK, Just seems like he has back off the public eye a bit like he has been hitting the road so to speak.
  14. SDhusker12

    Anyone notice how Moos...

    Has been strangely silent lately? Or is it just me? He went from being in the public eye until about two weeks ago then poof...right before the rumors started dropping. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but I think this silence is a good sign.
  15. SDhusker12

    UCF should think long and hard about Tim Beck

    Well Im not sure Beck coulda cut it here as HC, but def at a lower tier. I always thought he was a decent OC even though a lot of ppl didnt. His offenses were more productive than what we have now.
  16. SDhusker12

    UCF should think long and hard about Tim Beck

    Dont know if sarcastic or not, but that honestly might be a place that worked for Beck as a HC
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    Tanner Lee had a migraine

    Chris Mortensen said he still projects him around a 3rd roud pick
  18. SDhusker12

    Carriker today on the radio made it sound like

    I didnt take it that way. I heard it as, " If he has any chance to keep his job..." that would be the only way he would have a fighters shot