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Heard a rumor as well ...

about the alleged personal behavior of Frost. I won't repeat the details because I don't personally know if they're true for sure but the source is a former security staffer who worked at the University and now has a different job. The rumors are similar to what's been said before and they would help explain why Frost failed. I just can't imagine why Frost wasn't fired earlier. Some would say Frost was given every chance by the AD to turn things around and claim that's a good thing. Personally I'd say it was negligence because no person is above the health of the program.

Mickey Joseph’s Stock Went Up

In just 2 weeks:

1) What seemed like a desperate gamble with the defensive coordinator switch paid off dramatically.

2) Our special teams were much better. It has been since 2009 since we blocked a punt for a touchdown?!? Is that right?

3) Our team remembered it didn’t have to give up in the face of adversity and repeatedly overcame it to win.

4) We actually made halftime adjustments and came out better.

5) Our players clearly love him.

I kind of figured Joseph was put in an impossible situation. He was a trustworthy former player and respected coach who would temporarily hold the reins until a new head coach was hired. I honestly wasn’t sure this team even had another win in them.

Just one win, but Joseph deserves serious consideration for the job going forward if he keeps this up. Damn happy for him and would love our best candidate to turn out to already have the job.